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Blood Money: Details, Video Released


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Nexon released details and game footage of its newest mission today, 22 July. The "Blood Money" mission represents an entirely new perspective on player combat: whereas current missions allow for either player vs. player or player vs. enemy combat, Blood Money combines elements of both to create so-called "team vs. team" gameplay.

When playing Blood Money, each team may have up to eight players. Each player may hire and command a mercenary or a team of mercenaries. The price of each mercenary is dependent upon their rankings in three key areas: HP, speed, and power. For example, a "Light Male" mercenary may be purchased for 200 P. On an A-to-C grading scale, the Light Male earns a "C" in all three categories. Conversely, a "Medium Hana" may be purchased for 500 P. She is rated a "B" in HP, a "B-" in speed, and a "B-" in power. The currency used to hire mercenaries, called "P," may be earned during Blood Money missions. See the image below for more details.

Once a player hires mercenaries, they may direct them using three commands: follow, hold, and charge. The commands GUI may be viewed below.

The objective of the map is to obtain gold bars stored in a central safe, as shown below. Both teams will compete to collect the most gold.

The precise release date for Blood Money is unknown, but it is expected to be introduce in late July. To see a gameplay teaser, watch the video below. The official announcement is posted here.




Stratics Veteran
This looks like it's gonna be a good one. can't wait to try it out for myself :thumbup: