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[Provocation] Blood eles on Unbound energy eles


Lore Master
How are you guys succeeding in getting the blood eles to attack the unbound energy eles in Shame 5?
I went there last night, 120music/120Provoke, Blood ele instrument in hand. With a few tries I could get a blood ele to attack another blood ele, but I must have tried 10+ times and couldn't get one to attack the energy ele, even after I discorded him.

Also what tactics do you use for when provoke fails and the mob targets you? I've just been having my finger on the cast invisibility on myself macro, but usually I take a hit or 2 before it lands. Is there a better way?

I think I used discord on the blood ele, not the unbound energy eles; I've read a few posts stating it's the energy ele that needs to be discorded.
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You are correct about needing to discord the unbound, they'll kill the bloods too quickly if you discord them instead. Obv an elemental slayer would be great there, but I believe the unbounds are also susceptible to air elemental slayer, too.