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Blackthorn's Dungeon - BoE/C00 - 8/16


UO Lake Superior News Reporter
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
August 16th
Blackthorn's Dungeon
8pm-? EST

  • We will be fighting the Captains and their remaining forces and then taking out the beacons.
  • We will fight as many rounds until our forces dwindle down.
  • There will be people on hand to rez as needed to get back in quick.
  • Bandages provided to get back fighting.
For the Captains for warriors using a weapon with Hit Lightning or Hit Harm with an AI special move weapon is best for those with the resistance bump and Hit Lightning or Hit Harm with Double Strike special move with the lesser ones. (ThanksCovenantX)

Original Content Information

Invasion forces consist of a Captain and a group of minions.
Minions must be killed off before the Captain becomes vulnerable to attack.
Minion groups are chosen randomly at the beginning of a city invasion and remain persistent for the duration of that City’s invasion.
At the beginning of each city’s invasion a beacon will be built within the city limits.
The objective is to destroy the beacon to end the invasion.
The beacon will only become vulnerable to attack after all of Captains have been killed.
Killing captains, minions, and the beacon can reward the attacker with minor artifacts.
Artifact reward is influenced by luck.