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Best way to get loyalty points for my gargoyle?

  • Thread starter Lord Roland Banethor
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Lord Roland Banethor

My skills are really low with this character. 40ish mysticism, eval, swords, and tactics.. gm focus and lumberjacking.. 107 imbuing. I want to be able to use the Queen's Forge, but I'm not sure how to get loyalty points with this character.. or if I should even try right now.

Obviously, he can't kill much in the Abyss right now. Are there overland Tel Mur creatures I'd stand a chance at that give loyalty? What quests give loyalty? I've done two of the imbuing quests, but got no loyalty points as far as I can tell. Maybe since a gargoyle starts at 2000 anyway.. loyalty points don't actually build up from there? The amount to actually *gain* starts at 0?

Any help appreciated:)


UO Forum Moderator
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well you already have the hard part done you have imbuing up there ! i would now concentrate on mysticism at that level you should raise pretty fast when you get to where you can cast collossus it will go really fast !
what to fight to start with ? I would say regular sliths they give 15 or 20 points each and are fairly easy to kill they do shoot a fireball but if you have good resists it should be no problem! once you get collossus you can kill anything in the garg lands!
just watch for the toxic sliths they can poison you !


I'm using Slowland bouras to this.
Need only 30 to tame (need to try 7 times average)

With 2 of them i can kill sliths, toxic sliths and level 2 voids.

I'm trying to increase myst but don't found any 2nd page scroll yet.


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Stratics Legend
I took my mule (gargoyle with no fighting skills) to do toxic sliths in Ter Mur. I used a vollem to kill them. It worked pretty fast. You'll have to have some magery to heal your vollem. You can temporarily jewel that up though.

Lady Alice

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
You can also try doing quests for Sliem the Fence in Ter'Mur. 75 loyalty points per quest.