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Best mule char


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Only Tailor, Smith and Imbuing are capable of going to 120 currently.

For purposes of enhancing, you really want to have 120 Tailor & Smith (plus 120 smith gets better BOD ratio for the armor BODs. 50% weapons, 5% Iron armor, 45% color armor, as opposed to 50/25/25 at 109.9 or less).

120 Imbuing is a must if you're doing that, but you don't HAVE to have it on your 120 Tailor or 120 Smith.

For example, my mule is something like
120 imbuing
100 Alchemy
100 Tinkering
100 Carpentry
100 Mining (with gloves for 105)
70 Blacksmithing (using a +10 hammer if needing to craft add-ons with carpentry that require 80 smith), to allow colored BODs
70 Tailoring (also for colored BODs and Carpentry add-ons)
60 Magery (with ring, bracelet, ToT+15 book and Treatise on Alchemy for another 50 skill). Used for transportation, healing, and summons for defense.
0 Music (but 45 points on ring, bracelet, talisman and/or weapon for swapping out with the mage equipment in order to craft instruments with carpentry - if you can find +20 music ring and bracelet, and only need talisman or singing axe).

My main Smith/Tailor has 120 in both, 100+5 mining, 100 Arms lore, and the rest (plus equipment) to make him capable of fighting ore elementals and wandering spawn.

100 Fletching and 100 Lumberjack to swap out on one of the characters as needed.

Inscription is something best kept on a dedicated mage for the additional spell damage that Inscription gives above the listed SDI.

Also, one can make a Cook/Alchemist (both are needed for the fermentation barrel) that's not otherwise a crafter, and free up 100 on mule like mine for Fletching, Lumberjack or Lore


Stratics Veteran
Imbuing counts the same as Focus for enhancing the effects of Mysticism, so you don't need to cram imbuing onto your mule if you don't have room. Imbuing wont give the mana regen that focus does, but mine doesn't really miss it, as I have plenty on my suit.