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[Mining] Best gatherer build


Hi, I'm thinking someone that can gather nearly anywhere and be able to fend off monster and player alike. Maybe something like this:

Swordsmanship 120
Tactics 120
Parry 120
Anatomy 120
Healing 110 or resist?
Chivalry 50 jewel up if needed.
mining/Lumberjack 100 with soulstone

Lord Frodo

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Stratics Legend
Tamer/Mage with a fire and reg Beetle so you have a protector and a packer with you so less trips back to house/bank


UO Forum Moderator
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My main miner

Human (for the carry capacity)
With Equipment: (70s resists)
148 STR, 112 Dex, 36 Int
129 HP, 126 Stam, 52 Mana
HCI 10/DCI 16 (more accidental than intentional). DI 100%
565 luck (18 year account so I can get to 1665 for an hour with the statue)
Skills (846/720)
Anatomy 105 (67 real)
Blacksmith 120
Chivalry 90 (62 real; may move the other 5 from Anatomy here)
Healing 100 (90 real)
Mace Fighting 120 (but currently my elemental slayer is UBWS - trying to get a better mace weapon. A fast mace is great for Disarm moves)
Mining 100 real (only use mining gloves when smelting/refining, to get to 105)
Parry 100 (70 real)
Tactics 110 (91 real)

I can solo even paragon ore elementals of all types, though I typically switch to a non-slayer and don't use the DI chiv buffs when fighting paragon copper and valorite.
Pet: Just a regular 1-slot fire beetle, unless mining for items other than ore. 1-slot pack animals on call via pet balls if needed. STR means that I can move with a 550/550 pack if needed, as long as I'm not cursed (and I keep a str potion on hand for that, if I keep getting re-cursed faster than I can remove curse).

Most of my suit, minus my Ozymandia's Obi, date from before ToL. Other than Imbued jewelry, my talisman (cleanup points), and Leurocian's mempo, what's left probably dates from the first year of SA or earlier.


Babbling Loonie
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Stratics Legend
My Prospector has 120 Fishing/GM Mining/GM LJ/GM Alchemy/GM Fletching/GM Cooking/GM Magery. He uses a skill trained 1 slot Fire Beetle, a skill trained 1 slot Giant Beetle, and a pre-patch (only way i could have a leveled Vollem out along with the two Beetles) Vollem leveled to 3 slots to protect him as he mines/LJs/fishes. Having both the Fire Beetle and Giant Beetle out at same time allows me to mine for extended periods of time, and the leveled Magery+AI Vollem can protect him from virtually anything i come across (aside from PKs, just recall out if you see someone else), even Krakens. He uses this Hatchet to kill Ore Eles if they pop up.
Bal Axe.PNG