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[Archery] Best bows for spawning


My archer is a whammy, so I run wraith form alllll the time, but I'm starting to wonder if I might benefit more from a 100% elemental yumi rather than a overcap hml composite on some spawns. Being mounted for a change would be pretty nice, too.

My real question isn't about the champs themselves, though, but the spawn itself. I like to use a hit spell/velocity/hit area magic shortbow, but with yumi having a higher base damage would the hit area have a noticeable increase in damage as well? If so dropping the chain lit special for double shot might be pretty awesome.

I started buying ash runics to reforge overcap hml (I mean 30 ssi, I know the actual overcap ML is redundant) instead of buying oak runics for elemental bows, because on ATL they are the same price. Seems like a solid choice for the whammy, reveling that lovely chain AI, so the benefits of elemental weapons seem unnecessary.

I'm just curious which bows my fellow archers prefer using. Does elemental slayer help boost the hit area dmg enough to noticeably kill off the spawn quicker? Would it be preferable to use elemental and double shot on the lower resist champs themselves?

I suppose it's similar to pros/cons of the bladed staff vs double axe, but with so many sampires being played most players know exactly what to use when for melee. How about the ranged folk?

-edit- if this seems scatter-brained and hard to follow, forgive me lol. I'm trying to post this from the work truck at some rest stop in BFE. Thanks for any input!!


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I use magical short bows for fel spawns, pew pew. I tried yumis no real difference tbh. It's all about how u do it.


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Moment Strike works with bows also. That way you can hit two targets instead of one


Momentum strike on bows seems like an obvious nerf I'm very glad they didnt invoke.

I saw a rikki at humility, so I went ahead and made 3 slayer bows, a magic short, a yumi, and a comp. Put all hit magics, no ML on the shortbow, which worked very well taking out big groups of trash mobs in wraith form. Pulled the yumi out (hit area, hit lit, HML) when casters spawned so I could mount up and use double shot while riding around avoiding FS spams. Switched to the comp (hit area, HML, 15% ssi) on the last wave for the AI to take out the big ones.

I did notice when I was able to proc a hit area from an AI, it hit the surrounding mobs for 45-48 damage. That was pretty rockin and confirms the hit area damage is increased by the actual damage dealt not just base damage.

I imagine if I had honored the dragons and toggled a quick EOO the hit area would be almost as good as a ranged wither for 0 additional mana. That's pretty cool!