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This.. while typically a gypsy event.. is going to be celebrated in Magincia this time around.

First on the Agenda..Celebrating Magincian loyalty amid the riots and deaths.

Second... The wedding of Captain Valek and Lynne Zellinous.

As always.. going to politely request a menu from Mags.. And reception will be at the Sea Witch. (That was approved with Circe.. before Valek's Hiatus)

thoughts on events.. or games to host during?


Okay as we all know, he wedding has taken place.. However.. we are still planning an event for Beltane.. Things that will be included thus far... Egg hunt: Horse Race: An item baked into a cake you have to find (Like Mardi Gras):

Beltane is Tuesday, May 1st this year. Tuesday tends to be mining days and the turnout isn't great then anyway.. soooooooooo we may do it the following Friday.. Provided I clear it with Circe first.