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Begging FAQ

Not open for further replies.

A Beggar

Table of Contents

-Frequently Asked Questions



-Who is What in The World of UO

-Roleplaying your Beggar

-Skill Essay


<font color=4876FF>Frequently Asked Questions</font color=4876FF>

Q: Begging? What's that?

A: Begging is a skill that allows you to recieve money from NPCs.

Q: How much skill should I start with?

A: 50 would be best because of the skill delay, but buying 30 would work.

Q: What skills go best with begging?

A: Any skills will work good with begging. It's one of the only independent skill in the game.

Q: What skill titles go over begging?

A: For this answer, go here

Q: What's the delay for begging?

A: The skill delay is 10 seconds on a success and 10 seconds on a failure.

Q: How much money do I get for each beg?

A: You get a % of the money the NPC has. Gold/10 with a max of 10 gold. Skill has no role in this.

Q: How much money does most NPCs have?

A: Most NPC's have between 10 and 200 gold depending on which NPC type it is. Nobles and SoA usually have 600-800 gold and NPCs such as Beggars have none.

Q: What's the highest Karma/Fame title level that I can have if I use begging a lot?

A: 2nd lvl Karma (i.e. Kind) and 4th lvl Fame (Lord Status). You can have higher karma, but it goes away quite fast.

Q: What's the best NPC for skill gains?

A: There is no certain NPC that is best, but it is best to beg from all types of NPCs.

Q: Why can't I gain past 9#.#?!?

A: Skill gains seem to get very far and few between past 90. Just keep at it and you can get it done.

Q: Can I 8x8 Begging?

A: No, begging is target-based, not movement based.

Q: How long does it take to GM Begging?

A: It took me about a week to do it, but for most it's been months and they haven't even completed it yet.

Q: Is begging fun?

A: If you like mining, then yes! The skill is very repeative, but RPing is much more enjoyable.

Q: How much money per hour can I get begging from NPCs?

A: Factoring in lag, luck, # of NPCs in area, type of NPCs in the area, skill lvl and how much money they have, you will get... well, you get the point.

Q: How do I know if I will gain skill from what the NPC says?

A: Go Here

Q: What's so special about GMing Begging?

A: The only thing special about GM Begging is that you never fail! The amount of money you get is based on how much/how little karma you have and how much money the NPC has.

Q: What's the max gold I can get from a single beg?

A: The max gold you can get is 14 gold per beg at Level 5 Karma if the NPC has at least 140 gold.

Q: Why do you beggars keep running around the bank saying that they were PKed and that they need something.

A: These are not true beggars; these are people who wish to put no effort into gaining a few gold pieces and are usually very greedy and annoying.

Q: What's up with the whole ULTIMATE EVIL/ULTIMATE GOOD thing?

A: Please address the ULTIMATE GOOD and ULTIMATE EVIL section further down in the FAQ.


<font color=BF3EFF>Templates</font color=BF3EFF>

GM Begging

GM Magery

GM Eval Int

GM Meditation

GM Wrestling

GM Anatomy

GM Arms Lore

65 Str - 60 Dex - 100 Int

-Submitted by Reachwind


GM Begging

GM Hiding

GM Stealth

GM Musicianship

GM Provocation

GM Peacemaking

79.9 Magery

20.1 Tracking

100 Str - 90 Dex - 35 Int

-Submitted by Geno


GM Begging

GM Mace

GM Tactics

81 Healing

81 Anatomy

18 Magery

80 Music

80 Provoke

60 Resist

-Submitted by Pauleas


GM Begging


27 Str - 26 Dex - 26 Int

-Submitted by Anonymous


<font color=4876FF>ULTIMATE GOOD Beggars</font color=4876FF> and <font color=8B0000>ULTIMATE EVIL Smiths</font color=8B0000>

"WTF are you guys smoking?!? This most likely is something most people would say, but let me tell you what it all really means...

The world of UO has a sort of balance that must be kept. The ULTIMATE GOOD must always stand against the ULTIMATE EVIL. The powers of ULTIMATE EVIL have corrupted the professions of Sosaria by a process of using their skill to influence other skills, which in part, influences another skill, which influences another skill and so on. Through this process, the ULTIMATE EVIL has made every single profession Evil, but one... The Beggars. The Beggars aren't linked to anyone, which makes them pure, ULTIMATE GOOD. It is our job to stand against them and try to bring balance to this world. We also make the rich poorer and the poor richer by using our powers to cause Evil to surrender their wealth and goods.


<font color=008B8B>Who is What in The World of UO</font color=008B8B>

<font color=4876FF>Ultimate Good</font color=4876FF>

Begging- They are the ones that are trying to balance the world. They are pure and aren't linked to any other profession.

<font color=8B0000>Evil</font color=8B0000>

Alchemy- Used to grind regs into potions, which are used to increase others power or are used to poison others.

Anatomy- Used to inflict more damage upon their target and to heal more damge, which allows them to kill more.

Animal Lore- Used to heal there slaves (pets) and to increase their chance of capturing there slaves.

Animal Taming- Used to make animals slaves.

Archery- Shoot arrows at thing, which kills them.

Arms Lore- Used to look at Ultimate Evil goods.

Bowcraft/Flething- Used to make arrows and bows, which kill people.

Camping- Used to start fires... Pyros.

Cartography- Used to decode T-maps, which spawn monsters and to make maps which create mass-lag.

Cooking- Only profession to manipulate Ultimate Good Cheese. Uses Evil tools. Helps all, making them almost more Evil then the rest.

Detecting Hidden- Used to find people and most likey kill them.

Enticement- Used to make NPCs follow you, which people use to take them out of guard zone and kill them.

Evaluating Int.- Used to see how smart someone is, which either results in a Mindblast or E-Bolt and also used to increase damage done by magic attacks.

Fencing- Used to increase accuracy done by fencing type weapons, which allows you to kill people faster.

Fishing- Used to pluck the world of all its fish, which are evil.

Forensic Eval.- Used to find permagrey thieves, which they kill.

Healing- Used to heal, which allows you to kill more. Also allows you to rez the dead.

Herding- Make creature go where ever you wish them to.

Hiding- Hide from people, used to hide from things you are killing.

Inscription- Used to make magic scrolls and to give you the power to dodge weapons, so you can kill them first.

Item ID- Used to Identify items of evil and magic.

Lockpicking- Used to open chest, which either gives loot or spawns monsters. The chest usually has a evil trap on it.

Lumberjacking- Used to take all wood from trees. Also give a damage bonus, which helps kills. Uses an axe.

Mace Fighting- Used to increase accuracy done by macing type weapons, which allows you to kill people faster. Also destroys armor, which makes people have to buy more.

Meditation- Allows you to regain mana faster, so you can kill people faster.

Mining- Extracts ore from mountains. Usually sold to Smiths.

Musicianship- Allows you to play music better, which allow you to use other Evil skills more effectively.

Parrying- Used to take less damage in battle, which lets you kill more in a shorter time.

Peacemaking- Used to stop battles, but is mostly used to Peace-Kill.

Poisoning- Used to poison food and Ultimate Evil goods, which kills people.

Provocation- Used to make things fight out of anger.

Remove Trap- Used to remove traps from chests, which doesn't work to often... Suicide.

Resisting Spells- Allows you to take less damage from spells, which allows you to kill more.

Snooping- Used to look at peoples goods.

Spirit Speak- Used to talk to dead people.

Stealing- Used to steal peoples goods.

Stealth- Used to sneak up on people, which usually ends up in killing.

Swordsmanship- Used to increase accuracy done by sword type weapons, which allows you to kill people faster.

Tactics- Give a damage bonus, which allows you to kill people faster.

Tailoring- Makes armor so people can last longer in battle.

Taste ID- Detects poison in foods and tells you what type of potion potions are.

Tinkering- Used to make tools which are used by most Evil and Ultimate Evil Tradeskills.

Tracking- Used to track down things, which they usually kill.

Veterinary- Used to heal beasts, so they can kill more.

Wrestling- Used to block when unarmed, mainly used by mages so they don't die.

<font color=BF3EFF>Potentially Supremely Evil</font color=BF3EFF>

Magery- Directly related to Necromancy. Use spells to heal/change/kill.

<font color=8B0000>Ultimate Evil</font color=8B0000>

Blacksmithy- Used to make armor and weapons of mass-destruction.

<font color=BF3EFF>Supremely Evil</font color=BF3EFF>

Necromancy- Not used in game. Even OSI knows of their Supremely Evil powers, that is why it has not been put in-game yet.


<font color=4876FF>Roleplaying your Beggar</font color=4876FF>

There are many different ways to RP your beggar. Here are some great essays mainly about roleplaying your beggar.

How to Beg... - By Zen Lunatic (Edited by Geno)

This is for those of you out there who wish to learn the fine art of begging form other players. NOTE: This will contain absolutely NO information on use of the "skill" called "begging". There is quite frankly little to no "art" to using the skill, all one does is hit the button and select an NPC. What this will be dealing with is the much more complicated action of begging from another player. This can be a VERY profitable and entertaining enterprise to undertake, so if you want to learn a bit about it, read on please :)

The first thing one must realize is that you are not simply asking for a handout. You should try to entertain your target with your beg. It may perhaps involve *gasp* having to rp somewhat, but the beauty of a beggar is that he is never locked into any one role. One minute he can be a poor farmer whose family was butchered by orcs and is now on a quest for revenge, the next he can be a chicken, walking around flapping his arms and clucking, squawking, pecking at the ground through clever use of the bow macro, and the like. (credit goes to Mr. B.D. for the idea of acting like a chicken) Anything to grab a persons attention and amuse them for a bit. Because it is as I always say, if you can actually make a person smile and brighten their day a little bit, then that bit of imaginary online "gold" that they may give you is nothing compared to what you have given them; happiness for one brief moment. Most importantly, do not be a drain on the economy by going around "can anybody spare some gold please" or anything else like that. People do not like to see that and will not give you anything for that approach. Also, you should try to be credible, I once saw a person in trammel saying "will anybody help a newbie who just got pk'ed?" That is not a viable approach to begging, and will only serve to discredit the art. Be creative, have fun, and try to see to it that others have fun as well. making sure the other person enjoys their encounter with you is perhaps THE most important part of begging.

Ok, now for a bit on what character to use for begging. Don't have a dumb name on your character for begging or any time really, but since this essay is concerned with begging, I will leave it at dumb names are bad for begging. "Captain Awesome" "R()&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;()r |&gt;()()|&gt;" "Yo Mamma" are clear examples of unacceptable names for begging. Use something npc'ish sounding. Or failing that, something rp'ish sounding. And don't dress like a moron either. Deathrobes and orc helms are not good things to wear. Wearing all black clothing is unacceptable as well. Your best option is to dress sort of like an npc as well or in something "nice" looking. A nice blue robe, or a pair of pants and a fancy shirt colored yellow and red respectively, are good examples of good things to wear. Also, try not to have TOO much fame/karma showing. nobody gives much to "The Illustrious Anybody, Grandmaster Of Damn well near anything". Try not to have much above fair showing, except for more complicated rp purposes. Gulid titles are also best left at home that day, as they are somewhat detrimental to begging. Unless of course the guild title is something related to what you're trying to do. And that just about covers that aspect.

Now for how to act. Be respectful. Be damn respectful. Refer to people as "kind sir" "mi'lord" and other things. Or if those sound too rp'ish for you, use something else, just be sure it sounds nice. Everyone likes to get respect, it makes them feel important. One can usually get a few gp just for being the most respectful beggar that a person has ever seen. Because lets face it, most beggars rely on the "can anyone spare me some armor?" approach and I do shudder to call them beggars, but that is what they are doing, so I must call them that. Try to call them by name, people like that. Just as it is effective in the real world, in places like the bank when people call you by name, it is also effective in UO. If their name is 2 parts, like mine, call them by Mr. Lunatic, or whatever the 2nd part happens to be. Most people get a good chuckle out of that alone. And of course, don't get mad if they dont give you anything. Wish them a good day and best of luck in their travels just the same. But if you DO get something, be as grateful as you can. "my thanks to thee, kind sir" or even "WOW! thants a LOT man :)" go a long way. It also goes over well with other people around. They will see just how nice and friendly you are, and will be more receptive in the future. Also try not to use the same beg on the same screen. What I mean is if you use a beg on someone at the bank, don't walk right over to the next person and use the same beg. Use a different approach or go elsewhere and beg for a few minutes.

Now for where. Banks are the best place of course =) "but which bank should i beg at?", you say. Britain has a lot of targets, but the crowding there can become a problem for getting someones attention. my advice is to walk right up to them and say "excuse me (their name here)" and proceed with your beg. Or if your in felucca, stay at least one tile away, while in trammel you should come right next to them. But should one always stay at the brit bank? Of course not. Some people will never go there because of the crowds and you dont want to miss out on any potential targets. Go to a different bank every couple days, so as not to get too well known as a beggar by all the regulars of a specific bank. But actually, you will be begging kindly and amusingly, so even if you do become known, that will not significantly impair you ability to beg from people, as long as you dont always use the same beg. And that brings me to the next part, the begging part of it.

As far as the actual beg goes, there are several varieties. Rp'ing is helpful, but not necessary. NOTE: By "rp'ing" I do NOT mean strictly those stylesthat deal inthee and thou. Any form of rp would be acceptable. Those who use thee and thou are only rp'ing a speech pattern, not a whole character. Speak as seems appropriate for what you are trying to do. One can rp a person who is down on their luck. A downtrodden warrior, a troubled adventurer, a poor farmer, any of those sort. By way of example, I offer a few examples :) I once played a sailor who was sailing around the world and was attacked by pirates near Buccaneers Den. I told how my crew was killed and I was set adrift. I then found myself alone and poor in a strange new land (even though I was at the west brit bank, hehee!). Or you could play any variety of person who has had their home burned and family killed by monsters. For another method, you try blatantly to amuse them. Ask if they want to hear a joke (Note, you need to know a few good jokes for this to work) or dance for them. A few spins and bows can get you some good money. once i had a dance contest with a friend and even had a few of my friends come by and look interested in it. They would stand around and act like they were giving me money. "wow, those are some pretty good moves, here's some gold" "why thank you kind stranger" is how that went. I once saw someone playing an 18th century southern slave. While not portically correct, they had a VERY good dialect going for them, so of course I gave them some cash. "massah tole me ta fetch 'im some new clothes frum tha sto, but lil ole me lost 'is money. i's gon get such a whoopin when I get home" is how that sounded :) Or there are the completely off the wall begs, like the chicken one. Say something like this "would you like to see me act like a chicken?" Most people will say yes. Then you perform the previously mentioned chicken routine for them. When you are done, ask if they will spare a few coins for a street performer or something like that. As I said before though, the most important part is to have fun with it. If you're not having fun, how will anybody else? And if nobody has any fun, you get no money :( You can also play a street dweller, alcoholic bum, injured war veteran and homeless person are all good examples of this one. I once played a veteran to someone. I told him all about laying by the ho chi minh trail waiting for the flame throwin tanks to come by. Once we found them, we tracked them to a village 3 clicks north of Da' Nang. There I stepped on a land mine and lost my leg. I was then unable to work and am reduced to begging since Lord B. shows no gratitude to wounded vets. There is also a category of beg which is VERY underhanded. It involves playing a newbie. What you do is ask a few questions of your target. "how do i put spells in my spell book", "will i die if i dont eat", "how do i equip things" are all good things to ask. Be sure to ask the person if they have a few minutes to spare first though. After asking some newbie questions, tell them how poor you are and how expensive everything is. At the least, you will get a few small items and some advice on how to make money. If this is the case, thank them kindly and then go somewhere else for a while, since it won't do to get a reputation as a newbie imposter. You may also get upwards of 5k from some people, it all depends on your luck. This is different from other begs since in other begs people will know that you are playing a beggar type. But with this one, you are genuinely taking advantage of a persons kindness and well meaningness. You may even get a gm called on you if someone finds out what you are doing. Not that a gm will do anything, but it would still suck :) Or you can play the extreme newbie. Asking where mondain is because you wanna kill him would be a good start. Then say you played since beta, thats always funny to hear :) But make sure that it sounds funny whatever you say. Thats the key to this, and any beg really. just have fun =)

Now for how to ask for things. Don't ask for much, instead ask for small, meaningless things most times. Some food or clothing are good things to ask for. Then if you get something, be very thankful and ask them if they can perhaps spare anything else. One should ask for gold outright only in a very few cases. Usually, people are distasteful of giving gold out to people. I know that I have made a few references herein to asking people for gold, but in those cases I am using gold as a generic term for things. Try to be as kind and unobtrusive as possible when asking people to give you things. Just because they listened to your amusing story, does not obligate them to giving you anything. As I said before too, if you get nothing, be nice anyways. But if you do get something, be EXTRA nice.

Now to choose a target. Anybody with dumb names will not give you too much gold, but will probably be great for giving you a hard time :) Anybody with all black clothes and white hair most likely wont give you much either. Try to find people who look both kind and intelligent. Sit there at the bank for a while and observe the people there and how they interact with each other. If you see someone gating strangers around, they would be a good target for a beg. The people who spam about selling things, are bad targets. If you see someone taking time to answer a newbies questions, beg from them. Just generally look for people who are kind, and would be able to see the humor of an rp'ing beggar. Its hard to say just what qualities these people posess, but I have tried to tell you a few of the qualities they will NOT have. Guild titles are important to check too. (newbie Killah, XXX) will not give you anything (duh!). Also anybody who seems to want to appear to be some kind of badass with their title is probably a poor target. Rp'ish things are good. I once saw a (Stardreamer, ELF), i knew right at once to try to beg from this person. Also check profiles, you can learn a lot about a person by reading their profile.

But its not all in the target, it is also important to find the right beg for the right person. Knowing just how to beg from any given person is a very important skill, one which most likely cannot be taught with an essay. Experience is the important thing here. After a while, you just get a feel for what kind of person will respond to just what kind of beg. The way of the rp beggar is long and complicated, but worth the time to master. I met lots of interesting people and made a lot of money and friends by begging. In closing, I will say that begging can be easier and more fun than any other profession in UO. For nothing more than using ones imagination a bit one can and will make up to 20k an hour, plus low to mid level magic weapons and armor, and other assorted items. And this can be done with a character that has nothing more that he/she was born with. It requires nothing by way of stats/skills/equipment and yet can yield payments comparable to other professions. Lots of luck and best wishes to you in all that you try =)

Thanks for reading =P


Beggarly Roles: A Definitive List - By Annastasia (Edited by Geno)

As you might be aware I'm a big fan of the idea of both showing off the Begging title on the paperdoll to distinguish ourselves as Beggars not the "Gimmie" people and the notion of using the disguise kits to create temporary roles to play. What I'm trying to do here is compile a list of those roles, I know that someone of these have been raised before and are classic roles too. If I dont a-credit you with your idea its not that I don't want to, I just can't find your post about it *Smiles*, but you know who you are.

Some of the roles below should, I believe, not be undertaken lightly as they need to be played with the correct amount of seriousness and sensitivity as to the plight of those people in real life, they should not be made fun of, others though should be a scream to play around with I think.

Many of them to I hope could be seen as "Hook" roles where the object is not to approach someone over a Beg, but by your language and emotes; get them drawn to you and make the first step in the conversation. Right here we go, I've tried to draw them up into categories.

The Beggar with Something Amiss

This is essentially pulling on the sympathy string in others, they should above all else empathize and want to give you whatever is needed to help easy your plight.

<ul>[*]The Ill beggar

Well can be anything from a cold with plenty of coughing and sneezing emotes to something more serious like a disease, perhaps something infectious that they might pay you to go away. Flea's too might do the trick.

[*]The Blind Beggar

Played with sensitivity, well thought out emotes are essential for this role, from finding your away about with your staff to bumping into folk, and reliance on the other senses espically scent which is -so- often over looked in UO.

[*]The Slightly Deranged Beggar

Again not to be made light of at heart this Beggar should have moment's of lucidity (when the begging takes place) and the rest of the time should be well.....deranged.

[*]The Drunk Beggar

One to have fun with I think, if you can work on typing slured speach (Its a devil to do really), and being in anyone of the stages on drunkness i.e leary, sloppy etc. The drunk beggar's motivation is usually pretty plain.[/list]

The Religious Beggar

Personally one to I believe to have fun with, a little knowledge of some religions isn't really necessary as UO is bereft of any organised religious components so you have pretty much a free hand to make one up if you like. Motivations differ wildly within the sub-classes.

<ul>[*]The Mendicate/Fakir/Wandering Monk

Classically a Mendicate is religious monk that lives totally on the kindness of others, in Christanity I think they were an order of monks that did live in together in monasteries. In eastern religions the lone wandering monk is a common figure. In both cases begging for food clothing is the usual motivation here.

[*]The Nun/Missionary/Collector

This person is in the business of improving the state of his or her religious organistaion. This can be anything from collecting to help rebuild the Chapel's new roof, to help finance the spreading of the good word. Needless to say money will be begged here. A friend of mine on Europa plays this roll superbly *Waves to Elise*

[*]The Prophet of Doom

*Smiles* A favourite of mine, "The End of the world is nigh"...."Repent your sins"..."Throw away your worldy goods" "Pay for your absolution".....You get the idea I hope.[/list]

The Retired Beggar

Needless to say not one for the younger Beggar, but rather the old timer that life has over looked and all his or her previous contributions to society have left them with nothing. Again sympathy should be tried to be invoked (But then again that's the corner stone of all Begging, and Morality if you believe Hume).

<ul>[*]The War Veteran

You should be prepared I imagine to re-tell of the epic battles that you fought in and have the scars to prove it. Not one to be played with Humour I think.

[*]The Octogenerain

A simple role at heart I guess, old, feeble and going deaf (you can have fun with that by repeating things said to you totally ascew as in "Why can't you make your own money?"...."EH? Fake Honey, the bee-keepers will be up in arms) Plenty of oppurtunites for cupping your hand to ear and going "EH?" a lot. Slight Senility could be including in the role too maybe.

[*]The Retired Professional

Some knowledge of an EVIL skill might be required here, but essentially some impediment should have forced your retirement like a Carpenter with arthritis.[/list]

The Servial Beggar

Hmm...An ambitious upwordly mobile beggar with a work ethic that is prepared to provide some non skill based Service for a few coins.

<ul>[*]The Shoe/Armour Polisher

Great idea I saw supplied earlier by Er....Er...You know who you are, a good banter and relevant emotes is essential with your "customer" Although the idea of polishing armour is bit...well....

[*]The Horse Watcher/Groomer

Some Animal lore might be usefull here otherwise its similar to the above.

[*]The Medium/Soothsayer

Some props and skills are required for this one and is a classic combination for a Beggar I think. Crystal ball and table perhaps to conduct a Seance, fortune reading. The Soothsayer was a Roman fortune teller that would predict the future by examining the guts of recently killed animals and in the signs of nature i.e. the ways birds flew.[/list]

The "Vendor" Beggar

A bit like the servial beggar the Mark feel's like they are getting something for their time and money, personally can't say I think i will try these much, needless to say little to no money should be made on the sale of whatever it is but from the patter that follows who knows.

<ul>[*]The "News" Vendor

One of Mathias's and other's favourites, selling a book with information about Britannia in, this has parallels in real life.

[*]The Lucky Charm Seller/Gypsy

Not entirely sure what would constitute the Charm, threats of curses on those that don't buy them might encourage the next Mark to buy one.[/list]

The Entertainer Beggar

This class I think has a unique potential in it, namely mass begging. In theory you can get a large audience and so long as at the begining of the performance it is suggested that contributions are welcome it has potential indeed. Should be prepared for heckling though.

<ul>[*]The Story Teller

Again one of my favourites, good for the mass beg I believe, if your not a fast typer then pre-macro'ing the Story is an option I guess. As for sources well.....I think i'll be looking to corrupt classic fairy tales, fables into a Britannia setting like "How the Ettin got to Heads" and also Shard relevant tales of Seer run quests are options too.

[*]The Street Entertainer

This could be practically anything, some skills might be necessary although being an inept bard is one option (I know ive felt like paying practising Bards to shut up before), plenty of well thought out emotes could make a Mime artist or Juggler possible.[/list]

The Altruistic Beggar

Potentially a good source of income I suspect as you aren't begging for yourself, but to help ease the suffering of others.

<ul>[*]Healers/Schooling bills

A loved one has a seriosus illness the healers need X amount of money before they will treat them, or your want your children to have the good education that you never had, at such and such EVIL guild.

[*]The Animal Lover

Anything from your pet, ("Fleabag" in Emma's case) to the Yew Llama trust for sick and elderly Llama's.

[*]The Child/Teenager Beggar

Something for all you Dicken's fans out there, they have been sent out by there Sick/Cruel parents/Guardian and -must- return with money for medicine/food or fear the wrath of someone, or the suffering of a loved one.[/list]

The Reluctant/Temporary Beggar

This person wouldn't be a Beggar unless fortune hadn't dealt them a bad hand of late, all they need is a little support and they can get back to whatever it was that kept them in Cheese.

<ul>[*]The Professional

Such as a farmer whose Plough horse died and he cant gather the crop without it or the Plough broke or the crops withered etc.

[*]The Gambler

Is about to hit a winning streak he knows it, just needs enough for a stake in tonights big Dice game, or perhaps someone will break his knee-caps if he doesnt come up with X amount by sun down.

[*]The Ex-Convict

Just released from yew jails.....Hmm not sure about this one actually.[/list]

*Big Sigh of Relief*

Phew......there we go, if you got this far a gold star for you *Smiles*

I suspect that this all might seem unnecessary to a lot of you as the true classic beggar is all you need to play, one that simply is down on his or her luck and needs food/gold just to get by on a day to day basis.


To excel as a beggar... - By Geno

...one must understand their beggii. I'm not talking personally here, I'm speaking of their type. There are many types that will be further explained in this essay.

First off, the most used type that you will run into at popular banks and popular dungeons, are the k3wL d0oDz. Though the same, their speak can be very different at times:

<ul>[*]5Y|v||30|_ 5|*34|&lt;3|25 (Symbol Speakers)

These types of k3wL d0oDz are usually very hard to understand when they are good at it and type fast with it. They also are not the best of choice to beg from, but have been beg from before, by few. Learning to be able to speak like them would be your best bet to a successful beg. I have composed a list of some of the symbols, relating to each letter in the alphabet, that are used by these types:[/list]

A - @ 4

B - |3 8

C - (

D - |&gt; |)

E - 3

F - |=

G - 9

H - |-|

I - 1

J - _|

K - |&lt;

L - |_

M - |v| |\/|

N - |\|

O - 0

P - |*

Q - Q

R - |2

S - $ 5

T - +

U - |_|

V - \/

W - \/\/ vv

X - &gt;&lt;

Y - Y

Z - =

<ul>[*]aLtErNaTiNg cApS (Alternating Caps)

The use of Alternating Caps is not only used in their typing, but usually is how they type out their name (mErLiN, ect.). The chance of getting anything off of them is much greater then getting it off of other types of k3wL d0oDz, but still a slim chance. There is nothing special about their speak, eXcEpT fOr tHe fAcT tHaT tHeY tAlK lIkE tHiS...

[*]l33T 4Lt3rN4TiNg c4pS (Elite Alternating Caps)

This is a type of k3wL d0oD speak that is a mix between Symbol Speak and Alternating Caps with exceptions. It is more like alternation caps, but you replace only certain letters and words with symbols. Even with these slight changes, they should be dealt with in the same way as both:[/list]

A - 4

E - 3

Be - B

See - C

In - N

You - U

On the other hand, there a people who are Roleplayers by heart and will be great for begs. Now a days, these types of people are very hard to come by; anywhere, any facet. There are some different types Roleplayers:

<ul>[*]The Thee &amp; Thou Roleplayer

These types of Roleplayers usually use Elizabethan English (Such as Thee and Thou). These types are perfect for begs. They will usually go along with the beg plot you use and make your experience much easier and enjoyable. They will sometimes be roleplaying such races as Halflings, Dwarfs, and Elves.

[*]The Monster Roleplayer

These types can either be the best beg you could possible have or the worst. They Roleplay monsters such as Orcs, Lizardman, Ratmen, and others types of in-game speaking monsters. They are good to beg from, but only if you know how to relate to them. To see some Lore on the speak of these types, UO Stratics should have some good links/essays on the subject.[/list]

There are others that will put in the Miscellaneous Section:


These types are the ones at the bank spamming in full caps about the goods they are selling. They are one of the worst people to beg from. Sure, you can beg off of them, but your best bet would to beg off of the ones that just send there proper message out once or twice every ten seconds or so. Refering to Dungeons, they are the ones that are spamming, MINE/HEAL/CURE and other such phrases. They are not the best to deal with, anywhere.

[*]Average Joe

These types are the people you will meet almost everytime you beg from someone. Not a bad choice though, you could have worse =)




These types aren't a bad type, but are usually PvP/Order-Chaos/Factions and are just in a hurry. Because of this, they might be hard to stop to actually get your beg out and actually have them listen...

[*]High K/F Titles, Low Skill titles

These usually are the ones that are at the bank with their Glorious Lord, Expert/Adept Stoic titles. Most of them are for the quick fix of the game and are pretty greedy with their money. Pure skill is needed to get even a couple gold pieces or even a fishsteak out of these types.

[*]The Craftspeople

These people are usually mules of other types and are used for pure profit. If you see someone chopping logs, mining or making oil cloths at the bank: Either try your best beg on them or steer clear. In my opinion, these are the hardest types to beg from in-game.


The rarest of the bunch. Have you heard stories of people getting thousands upon thousands of gold and great/rare items for their stories? These are the type that, most of the time, are the ones that dish out the loot. There is almost no way to know who these people are, but I shall offer a tips. Always be helpful. That person asking how to turn checks into gold may reward you handsomely.[/list]

Always remember, if you fail to successfully beg off of a PC, don't get discouraged. They don't have to give you anything. Thank them and move on. As always, just have fun. I hope this guide will help someone on there adventures begging around the world.


<font color=4682B4>Skill Essay</font color=4682B4> - By Geno

<font color=FFD700>Simple Gold Techniques</font color=FFD700>

<ul>[*]If you Auto-Follow an NPC (I think by Alt-Right clicking), you will usually always be within begging distance, so just hold down your begging macro key and clean them dry. This technique is best used on Nobles or SoA (Don't use this to macro unattended!)

[*]If your in it only for the gold, beg from only Nobles and SoA. The best place to do this is at Lord British's Castle on the Trammel facet (You can't get into his castle on the Felucca side anymore /php-bin/shared/images/icons/bfrown.gif). The only problem with this, is that you will maybe get a 0.1 skill gain, but won't gain anymore (Answer to why this happens in Skill technique section)

[*]Bring some friends! or if you have multiple accounts (I never did, so not quiet sure how that would work out) make another beggar on that account. Having multiply bodies begging means more gold in the long run. I've seen a group of people clear out a city like Britain in short time. Just remember, people helping you don't have just run around and beg, team work and strategy are the key.[/list]

Now that you know some better ways to make gold, here are some ways to increase you skill gained per minute/hour....

<font color=4876FF>Simple Skill Techniques</font color=4876FF>

<ul>[*]If you stop gaining skill from an NPC, stop begging from them. They will not give you another gain, but if you beg from others and come back to them sometime later, you will usually get another gain (Unless you are 90+ begging, then this is usually not true)

[*]NPC type does matter! If you beg from Innkeepers all day, you will make very few skill gains (At higher levels), but if you beg from different types (Sailors, Warriors, Tailors, ect.) there seems to be a great increase in the amount of gains you will recieve. I've also seen a increased gain in skills from not only begging from different types of NPCs, but also from mixing up the male and female NPCs you beg from, but I did not look into this much further, so give it a try if you are hard pressed for skill gains.

[*]Begging on different sub-servers (Those invisable lines you lag on for a couple of seconds when running through them) seems to give better gains. So remember, try to beg out of every town possible.

[*]A rumor, but one I follow, is killing yourself. If you've begging from every NPC in town, dying seems to reset the chance you have of gaining skill off of NPCs. This only seems to work when you haven't gained all day, think of it like arms lore; you have to gain for it to reset, but dying does the same thing. This is great if you dont feel like running all over the place looking for skill gains. The best way I have found to die is to punch a local NPC Healer. Make sure to bank any gold you have recieved before doing this since you will be grey and freely lootable!

[*]Try to set a course around town on which building you will go into and which streets you will run through. This will make it much easier to just go and get instead of running around looking for NPCs (Very unorganized).[/list]

Alright, now for the advanced techniques for both skill and gold. You should master the simple techiniques before trying to perfect these since they include many of the above.

<font color=008B8B>Advanced Begging Techniques</font color=008B8B>

<ul>[*]You should set out a town that you wish to beg in and make a map of sorts of what ways you will take to get around the town. This will make you much more efficient. Here is an example, lets take Jhelom.

You start from the moongate, make your way south down the coastline begging NPCs to the east of the buildings (Not between or inside the buildings) when you make your way to the bottem, head to the docks to the west, beg from all of them. Make your way by going from east to west and vise versa through all of the buildings until you reach the graveyard or dock to the north. Do not beg inside the building connected to the fighter's pit or the fighter's pit itself until you have done the whole city. After finishing off the pit, bank, die, rinse repeat ect. ect.[/list]


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