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Legends Bastet my hun...

Mandrake of DF

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
After my birth to Legends, i played many months with friends and then several months alone.

I encountered Lady Basted in twisted about every time I went there, so one day I encountered her and told her i wanted to be her friend. She was as poison as a phyton and unfriendly as a shy grizzly. But - it took a while and she accepted me as - I might be a friend.

I had a lot of good times with her, both in game and off game.

This very morning I got a message in my fb inbox that she had left us - and I had a hard time believe it. But - with little investigation, as she is my msn and facebook friend, I found out in disbeliefe she is gone from our world.

I have so many words to tell about that girl, that you will not believe me. But - after I left legends, I never stopped to talk with her. So, she was my morning chat on msn with my coffee cup - and we discussed about everything. She did not have a easy life, but she had a heart like the north sea! Once you in there - you never wanna leave.

I only have one ting to say - and I will say that with the love of my heart;

You was a fantastic woman, and I will miss you for the rest of my life. :heart:

Thank you for all the small times we had together - I will miss the rest of them.

Rest in peace my dear friend Laurie - my love will watch over you.

With love and care from

Mandrake of Legends

Aka ~ Jan from Norway.


Stratics Veteran
Bastet memorial

Residents of Legends gathered at the site of the Bastet Memorial, located in the entry area to the Twisted Weald that she was so well known for her taming of Cu Sidhes in.