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Basics - Animation Override



When you first arrive in SL you'll find you have a really jerky and annoying walk. There are plenty of animation overriders (AOs) which basically over-write your default walk with a nice smooth one.

Most newbie kits (free at various stores) give a basic animation over-rider - usually a walk and a sit pose. You can also find some free ones at Free Dove and New Citizens Incorporated (NCI)

When you buy one, animation overriders will come with a variety of animations - for walking, standing, sitting, flying, landing, crawling etc.
Prices range up to 1000L depending on the number of animations included. I've seen some nice basic ones around for 450 - 600L

The animations themselves are contained in a HUD which you wear - by right clicking and selecting wear. You can then turn it on and off at will - often for instance, when you sit on something, your sitting animation might need to be turned off, in order to use the pose in the chair. You can also add new animations as you find them - full instructions should come with the AO, explaining how to add new animations to the notecard attached.

The following are great places to find an animation overrider (links to be added tomorrow):

The animations warehouse (a sim full of all the main SL animators)
Reel Expressions
LAP - Long awkward Pose



There is quite a variety of AOs for adult avatars. I got my hands on a good free HUD-controlled AO a while back that has several poses for standing, sitting, ground-sitting, and walking (and some pretty comical ones for falling).

AOs for child avatars, however, seem to be a lot harder to find, and they don't come cheap - ranging from L$350 to L$800+. The cheaper ones are not HUD-controlled, and have one walk, stand, and sit override that are child-appropriate, while the more expensive ones are HUD-controlled and give you a wider variety (and better seamless looping).

If anyone knows a place to find good, inexpensive (<L$350) child AOs, please post it here.