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(OT) Barney not wind


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Heyo evewybody

It me! Barney Wobba!

I haved a bad few weeked.

Firsts bad fing: I got a new jobbed as winning it stuffs.
Seocnd Bad fings: It long ways away.
Thrid band fings: Both teh wobbamobile cars eated petwol lots.
Fuorth bad fings: Barney naerly ded IWL on ways to wrok in hes 'i liek eated petwol lots' car.

A rain in UK been bad, an on way work me hit BIG PUDDEL on motoway. Althuogh me spended £700+ new tyres, it noeds good. Twaction contwol alarm comed on an it fails at 70MPH :( Me spins off into twees! Twees no happeh neithor :(

Me was dwiving a car called a BWM M5. It haved a 5.0L V8 for teh lols.

Me nearly ded as car spunned off woad :(

Me luckies:

An then:

Me ache lot still, an I did haved concussedion. Make me a bit dim.

But it good. Barney lived to win UO again :D


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I reckon you win by walking away after that one ....

Recover quickly!


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Glad your ok.

I used to pickup things like this for a living and have seen them when people didn't win... you can fix / replace cars... people not so easy.

Dwive slowlys in fucha ;)


ouch man glad your ok

Indeed fingers, I used to drive for a living myself (I have a 2003 GMC Sierra with over 330,000 miles on it..still runs) One time while coming into New Hampshire on my way to Massachusetts I saw a big rig (you Brits call them Articulated Lorries I believe) stopped on the left shoulder of the road, a car in front of it sideways not any bigger than that BMW had the passenger side pushed in a good 6-12 inches almost to the driver side of the car. I went past hoping and indeed praying that nobody was in the passenger seat..if there was that person was dead and driver prolly not much better. That image has always stayed with me and probably always will. Good to hear your ok man..could of been much worse
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Guess that whats happends when you use SPEEDER IRL hehe
Atleast the car didnt get replaced by a wheelchair, you should consider yourself very lucky :)


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How does Fluffi miss this writings 'til now?

Wobba get better with speeder. ;)

Wobba needs to get a car with safe! Beamer is pose!

Aaaah, sod it, I can't do this in Wob-speak....

Do you have any other UO pictures / movies from the "classic Barney" era?

I always loved being the "Trammie RPer" with the unknown TBs and reds as alternate characters.
This is going to sound a bit sad; but to this day, I am still proud that I can be seen (mostly) alive and fighting in the classic Barney & IC movies.

Any further opportunities for Bunni-gratification that you can offer would be appreciated.


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Fankds evewyoen :D

I am lived an okays. I haved a ok head now an stuff. Fluffi you can go to Faecbooked an look up europa oldschool factions an there a gwoup there, many you will know and loads and loads of old EU pics fwom years agoe! Vewy active gwoup.

Okee, abuot car:

it ded but can use engine and teh box of gaers agains. SO!!! barney fink maybee me put 400 bhp engine into old BWM for teh LOLS!! old E30 :D Yay!!!!
Run the new sports exhaust system in the old frame that you got plus the engine , plus bigger brakes this time...Lol and you should be fine, and maybe even faster...hehehe