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Bard/Mage Suggestions


Stratics Veteran
Good day!

Here is my template (current/goal):

110/110 Music
106.4/110 Provoke (used a legendary scroll already so I could push to 120)
108.4/110 Magery
110/110 Meditation
95/100 Eval. Int.
100/100 Inscription
100/100 Alchemy

Some of the above is with gear to get past my 720 skill cap.

I don't have all my stats with me but am at 70 in all resists except one which is 64 I think. What can I do for solo fun in PVM? I'm newly returned and am not incredibly familiar with anything past AOS. I'm looking for fun but also decent loot/gold. I know that Alchemy might not be that beneficial for PVM but I thought it'd be fun to keep it on this character and use some potions in combat.

I think it's time to look for something other than Arctic Ogre Lords and daemons in the Fire Temple.