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Baja! The Lil Shard That Could!

Amber Witch

Babbling Loonie
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Britain Christmas Tree 2017

Britain Christmas Tree Framed 2017.jpg
It took a lot of people, a lot of hours and days, a lot of large and small bods, who knows how much in resources, a lot of help gathering resources, a lot of gifting of resources, a lot of gifting of small bods to finish large bods, a lot of gifting of large bods for small bods, a ton of patience and effort and will and drive and caring and communication and cheering others on, way too many bad jokes, and at times being cranky crafters.

But ya know what? We did it.
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Ditto Zeke...Lots of worn out fingers from sewing, Hammers from hitting the metals, foods baked, scrolls made, wood worked and a lot of determination..and fun! Well done, Baja, well done! Now to start getting ready for next year! :heart::cheerleader::heart:

Mama Faith

Lore Keeper
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Though I LOVED the camaraderie while doing bods, I have to admit that I'm glad it's done for one more year. I started to have dreams about doing BODs and not being able to do enough. *lol* The people of Baja are the best on any shard and if that sounds biased? it is! Good job, you wonderful people and may 2018 be filled with loads of blessings. *deep curtsy*