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Rares Fest Baja Rarefest Secret Chest Scavenger Hunt


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Yo peeps... BEEP BOOP (computer theme thing right?) ....
I am hosting the Scavenger Hunt on Monday May 18th at 6PM Eastern Time.
I have placed my own house nearby to run this event out of. I could have used one of the festival houses, but I wanted to be the only one with any special access to this house so that other festival hosts could participate as well.

Rarefest Scav hunt.PNG

To anyone that has not participated in these before, here is the rundown...

I am going to place some locked Secret Chests in the house. Secret Chests require a 5 digit code to unlock.

Secret Chest.PNG

Next to each chest will be a bag. The bags contain books with directions and clues to discover the access codes for the chests.

Once I set the bags to "anyone" access, you will need to grab a clue book and go get the code. first one back to a chest and able to unlock it will receive the riches inside.

This Scavenger Hunt will have 5 Secret Chests. I will create them at different difficulty levels since there will be a mix of lesser and more advanced characters attending the event. But, the more challenging the chest, the better the prize inside.

I have received a lot of positive feedback about these scavenger hunts at past rarefests, and a couple criticisms which I have taken into consideration for this one.

just an fyi... if you put in the wrong code 3 times then you will be locked out of the chest... so don't try to just sit there and guess the code.

-End Transmission...BEEP BOOP-