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Back after ... uh, a few years



I was surprised to find UO still up and running after so many years. I returned about a month ago, did the unthinkable and bought some gold and a house, and am now rediscovering the joys of fishing Britannia's oceans and soloing level 5 t-maps. But there so much new stuff, I haven't had a chance to absorb it all just yet.

I started in 98 on a friend's account and opened my own in 99. Played until 2002, then gave the account to a close friend who enjoyed it until 2006. I regained the account and played until 2008, and the toons were in stasis until last month. So, 10 years?

I have a couple of chars in the Royal Britanian Guard but am otherwise guildless. Any (adult) guilds welcoming oldbies who are still trying to reclaim their former glory?