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Back after 13 years

Been gone a little over 13 years. I used to be Stratics staff back in the days and ran the Ultima Online House of Commons between 2001-2004, not to mention Earth & Beyond and a few others. I was on the event team with Stonegate and Anterion. I was an avid Ultima Online player too, with 4 accounts all gm maxed characters with all 7 skills at 120. Most of my time was spent in IRC, though did some articles for the website part as well. I had thought I would be working here forever but one day my wife said two words to me(Im pregnant) that made me realize my work here and my game play was coming to an end. Sadly, I had to put notice in and go, and end my days of gaming, I thought for good. As much as I loved my work, I love my family as well and had to put my all into raising my kids. Then not to long ago, my kids were going through several hard drives I had stored away. Im amazed they actually work too after all this time. Turns out they find pictures and animations from both my game play and work I did here and begged me to let them try. So now I'm back to UO, my kids play it as well, not to mention quite a few other titles. I stopped by here to say hello to old friends, and no, I am not staff. I still wouldn't be able to put the time needed with every day life sadly. But to see Stratics is still up and running, when so many others are long gone is a fantastic feat and glad so many others took up the resins to keep this website running! =)

Captn Norrington

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Welcome back to Stratics and UO!

UO and Stratics both celebrated their 20th anniversaries within the last few weeks.

If you ever have more free time and want to become part of Stratics Staff again, you can always send in an application, we would love to have you back on the team. :)