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B^L Auction 2/26/11 @ 7:00pm EST


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B^L Auction 2/26/11 @ 9:00pm EST

Its almost Time!!!

Announcing B^L's upcoming live auction.

This will be on Saturday February 26th at 9:00pm EST.
The auction house is located inside Luna walls at the inner s/e portion. It is a large Grey house with BL on the roof.

Submissions are now Closed

Items for sale... (pictures under list)

- Dread Mare (35mill min bid) (This is not a submitted item and not a guaranteed sale.)

- A magical lockbox (10mill min bid)

- Two story tall rubble tree (no min bid)

- 5.0 Animal Taming (4mill min bid)

- Royal guard +4 intell boots replica (2mill min bid)

- Gladiators collar replica (10mill min bid)

- Protector of the battlemage tunic (2mill min bid)

- Crystalline Ring (5mill min bid)

- 4 soulstone frags (no min bid)

- Blaze and Dryad green neon parrots (no min bid)

- Hair dye in green square bottle (no min bid)

- Special beard dye (no min bid)

- Paroxysmus swamp dragon (no min bid)

- 24 random AOS clothes and shoes (no min bid)

- Blood tile (no min bid)

- Rubble bench (tall back 2 piece) (25mill min bid)

- 120 eval scroll (1mill min bid)

- +25 stat scroll (no min bid)

- Glacial Blue spellbook (no min bid)

- Token for your natural hair dye (no min bid)

- Token for Haochi’s pigments (no min bid)

- 4 different library glasses (Folded steel, reading glasses, necromantic, and Anthropomorphist) (1mill min bid)

- A shirt sewn by Lerajie (5mill min bid)

- 5 clothes labeled “green” includes cloak, surcoat, skull cap, wizards hat, and straw hat. All crafted by Lerajie (5 mill min bid)

- Token of holy favor (4 mill min bid)

- Armor of fortune (3mill min bid)

- Blue Angel statue of G’thunk (10mill min bid)

- Rangers cloak of Augmentation (5mill min bid)

- Full soulstone Token (5mill min bid)

- Conjurer’s Trinket and Grimoire (10mill min bid)

- Gender Change Token (10mill min bid)

- 7 random general spellbooks (5mill min)

- +25 stat scroll (no min bid)

- 120 Vet, Tactics, and Parry (no min bid)

- Europa gold Apron (1mill min bid with a reserve price)

- Europa gold Kasa (1mill min bid with a reserve price)

- Europa gold Cloak (1mill min bid with a reserve price)

- Ethy Beetle and Midnight bracers (no min bid)

Thank you sellers for your submissions!
I hope to see you all there.