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August 26, 2011


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
"There's nothing that can compare to seeing Hjal's expression when you tell him in person that you would like to take your ships out of your datapad on the ground and fly around in them =)" -- Teesquared's Producer Note, March 2011

Atmospheric Flight
  • Atmospheric flight is allowed on any of the original 10 ground planets (Corellia, Dantooine, Dathomir, Endor, Lok, Naboo, Rori, Talus, Tatooine, and Yavin 4).
  • Use the Launch Ship radial menu option from the ship control device in the datapad to launch the ship into atmospheric flight.
  • Use the Land Ship radial menu option from the ship control device in the datapad to land/store the ship from atmospheric flight.
  • Once in flight, use the newly added /inviteShip (or /target , followed by /inviteShip) command to invite passengers/gunners aboard the ship (either POB ship or non-POB ship with a currently unoccupied turret slot).
  • Passengers/gunners can leave the ship by using /escapePod or the escape hatch.
  • The ship owner can kick passengers/gunners off the ship using the existing /kickFromShip command.
  • If the ship hits the terrain while flying, it will sustain damage proportionate to the speed.
  • All forms of ship-to-ship PvP are available while in atmospheric flight - factional and privateer factional helper (/spacepvprebel, /spacepvpimperial, /spacefaction), player bounty system, guild war, guild squad PvP, duel.
  • Player bounty system and guild war exemption/exclusive status fall under the "space" ruleset while in atmospheric flight.
  • If the ship is special forces (including privateer factional helper special forces ship) while in atmospheric flight, GCW factional presence is granted to occupants with the same faction as the ship, regardless of the occupant's special forces/combatant/on leave status. If any occupant is granted GCW factional presence, the ship is reported on the GCW Factional Presence window of the War Terminal/War Intel Pad/War Table, but NOT pinpointed on the planet map.
  • 10 new "airspace" GCW score regions/categories have been added (like Naboo Airspace, Rori Airspace, etc). GCW score contribution made while in atmospheric flight (including factional presence) will apply to the planet's corresponding "airspace" GCW score region/category. Each "airspace" GCW score region/category will contribute the same percentage to the planet's and galaxy's GCW score as a single ground GCW contested region.
  • While in atmospheric flight, the planet map will display in the window title the score of just the "airspace" GCW region/category for that planet.
  • GCW score contribution from factional ship-to-ship PvP kill in atmospheric flight will contribute to the GCW space PvP score category of the space zone corresponding to the planet. For example, factional ship-to-ship PvP kill in atmospheric flight in Tatooine airspace will contribute to the "Tatoo System Player vs Player" GCW score category. Rori airspace will contribute to the Naboo System, and Talus airspace will contribute to the Corellian System.

NOTE: We are releasing Atmospheric Flight to public test so you can experience this very cool (and much requested) feature. We will decide when/if to release it to live based on the TC/TC Prime testing. Let us know about any issues or suggestions you have. We hope you enjoy flying with us! =)

Added icons and text to the Huttese language command in the command browser.
The Imperial Recruiter should now sell both exceptional weapon components.
The components should now cost 300 from both the Imperial and Rebel recruiter.
The Battlefield Vendors will now also sell the exceptional components.

Jedi Meditation now grants a 2% resource quality bonus.