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Auction, Saturday March 8 at 7pm CST


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Here's the list of items, and there are a lot. Hope to see you there!

Cursed Aegis--NR
Wrath of the Dryad--NR
Decorative Soulstone Frag Token--NR
Brightsight Lenses--50k
Powder of Fortifying--50k
Pads of the Cu Sidhe--10k
5k boards NR
120 blacksmithing--100k
Dragon's End--65k
Soulstone Fragment--150k
20 various mined up gems--20k
10 stat scroll--50k
Candelabra of Souls--500k
Blood wood Spirit Totem--NR
Ethy Unicorn Statue--2m
Royal Leggings of Ember--200k
115 Resisting Spells Scroll--500k
Reading Glasses of the Arts--5m
Small Potted Tree--500k
Scrappers Compendium--Snake Slayer, Mana Increase 5 and LRC 13 + normal stats--14m
Bucket of Water with Water in it--1m
Uncursed The Dragon Slayer--150k
Heritage Token--150k
5 piece armor set.
Flower Pot--500k
Spined Leather Leggings--15 RPD, 20 LRC--50k
115 Stealling--NR
Aquarium Set--25k
115 Fencing--75k
Soulstone Fragment--150k
3 locked paragon chests--NR
1k each necro reg--20k
2 bolts of pure white cloth--50k
Decorative Soulstone--NR
Verite ExC 20 Ring mail sleeves BOD--25k
Valorite War Mace 80% Mana Leech--NR
Ice White Cloth--NR
A Bow (Practice Weapon)-50k
Horned Suneate--Mana +5 total resists 59%--NR
120 Tailoring--50k
Horned Skirt--90 luck, 11rpd, total resist 50--NR
6 silver coins--NR
Horned Leather Ninja Jacket Mana regen 2, total resist59--NR
Member of the Royal Guard Red Sash--100k
Horned Leather Ninja Mitts RPD 14% total resist 16--NR
A young player Ticket--10k
Vanilla 30k
Bag of Sugar--50k
Cocoa Liquor--50k
115 Blacksmithing Scroll--50k
Guardian axe--50% hite harm, 84 Hit mana leach--NR
Uncursed Holy Knights Breastplate--100k
Vanilla 30k
Cocoa Butter--50k
Gold buckler with 13 RPD 10 DCI and 40luck--NR
Horned Goreget with 58 total resists--NR
Valorite Ringmail leggings--DCI 15, total resist 67--50k
Valorite chainmail legs 63 total resst--NR
Verite Chain mail tunic mana regen 2, 62 resist--50k
Cocoa Butter--50k
59 various Maps--NR
A huge set of tribal items--50k
Enchanted Titan's Leg Bone--NR
Valorite Order Shield 13% RPD and 14 DCI--NR