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[Discussion] Auction Safe Locations

Captn Norrington

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Someone suggested that it might be a good idea for there to be a thread here where everyone can post the locations of any auction safes where they are currently selling things.

I think the idea could work pretty well, so that is what this thread is for.

I will try to go through this thread every so often to remove posts about auctions that have already ended, to keep the thread as clean as possible. If you notice a post in this thread where the auction has been over for a while and hasn't been removed yet, please report it so a moderator can remove it.

It would also be helpful if posters would delete their post themselves when their auction ends.

Hopefully this thread will be a nice addition to the trade forums :)


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Stratics Legend
Rotating stock of mostly EM rares at my Umbra Auction Safes

2 ways to get to the safes:

Click the first Statue outside South Luna


Or, run just North of Umbra
Smoots Rares Cave Map.png

Pictures of items on Safes:


for anyone not familiar with auction safe bidding, you put in your max bid (just like ebay). if someone else bids, if your max bid can cover it you will automatically outbid them. or, if you are outbid you can always bid again. your max bid will always only bid up to just above the current high bid. If you win the item for lower than your max bid, at the end of the auction you will be automatically re-imbursed for the portion of your max bid that wasnt needed to win.
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Finley Grant

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here are some details about the auction house (ground floor) and rares / em museum (upper floors) .
It is located directly outside Luna walls on the west exit.

we offer 44 auction safes in total with various items, its worth to have a look!



Grand Poobah
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you can go at shop front north entrence and go on house teleporter for auction safe
or go destard look second picture

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Waterfall vendor house ATLANTIC SHARD umbra road auction safe sales in side vendors outside