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[Tech Help] Attempting to create macro

Hey all! Im working discord using masteries, attempting to make a macro to use one lute, cast tribulation on self, cast off, use a second lute, cast trib on self the cast off and repeat. Im unable to get past casting tribulation on myself. I currently have this : use lute, cast trib, wait for target, target self self, pause 1 second, cast trib and repeat, but the macro only casts then targets self and ends :[ any help out there?

Petra Fyde

Peerless Chatterbox
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
are you getting a 'must wait to perform' notice? Try adding a longer pause, that spell takes a while to cast, also a pause at the end will be needed before it can repeat.
No messages, i cast trib on myself, then it stops i tried adjusting pauses from 1 to 4 seconds and adding pauses at the end with no change