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Artisan Festival BODs - Limited Open Sale


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Hello everyone...

If you didnt know, the Artisan Festival will be giving us loads of new gear this year. Both Green and Red, all the missing Virtue stuff... its coming! :cool:

I've decided to liquidate all my crafter BODs and help anyone wishing to use them to trade in for points... or just fill them for whatever crafter rewards. To be totally honest, since the new system... I've really been disenchanted with them. Its been said to get the best gear, you have to spend time filling LARGE BODs... and I just have never wanted to deal with them. Last year I collected all types. Cooking, Tinkering, Alchemy, Inscription... whatever on top of the Smithing and Tailoring. (Mainly, I wanted sturdy tools... and forget it now.) So... I have them for sale... 1k a pop, no matter big or small, no matter what type.

Anyone thats interested can have at them.

Clearly, this is at the Red & Purple Mini Mall... Tram... Atlantic shard. Just near Yew Grave Yard... if you cant find a rune, its easy to find the Yew graves and just run directly to your right to the first clearing.

You are looking for "Holly the Pixie" inside, along the back wall... in Christmas gear.

As per normal, FREE vendor space to whoever wishes it! We just passed 110,000 visitor count last month. Loads of traffic every single day.