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Armor Issue Possible Solution


Stratics Veteran
Okay here is an idea and I would very much like as many players to chime in as possible. This will take several mathematical calculations which I have no idea how to do.

First I should put the reply from eric from my other issues post. I figured it would be easier to discuss this perticular topic on its own post

"It's not necessary for armor to be a static number to protect you. Armor protects you, that's the key thing. The only down side to this system is that unplanned monster additions can really mess up your plans. Which is good! Adding a bit more chaos to MMO combat is a good thing.

Is armor "just" another health bar? Yes and no. Remember that all the systems need to interact together, and the armor bar interacts with the treasure system closely. The idea behind Gorgon's treasure system is that treasure makes your abilities do more. Not in a passive way, but in an active way, when you actually use those abilities. So a "tanky" character doesn't just stand around laughing at monsters because he's invincible -- he uses his abilities to tank, which in this case means healing his armor. A "tanking suit" of equipment would be one with a lot of effects that restore armor while also doing damage and/or taunting. However, that same suit wouldn't be able to heal health damage -- that's a different combat role.

But this system doesn't work out right until monsters are doing JUST the right amount of damage and players have JUST the right amount of armor and restoration abilities, and taunting works just right, and so on. Until the pieces line up very carefully, it will all seem a bit disjoint. And until I have a lot of people playing, it takes a very long time to get enough data to make more changes. So it's sort of a chicken and egg problem -- please be patient with me, I'm working on it as quickly as I can! And if I really can't make it work, then I'll find a different system that does work."

Now here is my idea on how to make it much better and still keep with what eric is attempting to do.

Armor Patching Skill

I believe the armor potions and armor regeneration should be taken out. They give the impression that armor is another hp bar.

It would be a bit better to focus the armor patching skill to do this. Also you could add different armor patching hammers that would be like a weapon. ( yes you could even hit mobs with them for small amount of blunt damage, and even possibly have a taunt effect ) The higher level the hammer the better you would be to patch your armor in combat. ( armor would never be able to be fully repaired while in combat just patched)
Ex. a level 1 armor patcher would have maybe 2% chance of patching their armor say 70% of Max while in combat against a higher level mob ( say lvl 4 or 5), while they would have an 80% chance or higher to repair their armor against a level 1 mob, this would ofc get better as the level progressed higher. by level 50 you may have say a 8% chance instead of 2% against mobs with same level spread.

When a character is out of combat they would have say 95% max chance to patch armor say 80% or 90% of max armor. This skill would also be able to be used on other players.

The current armor patching hammers would also patch gear, however, they would only be 1 use and the different levels would have different % of successfully patching gear due to there would be no armor patching req to use them. They also would only patch a % of max armor ( which would be less than what a armor patcher would have ). they also would only be able to be used out of combat.

Also armor patchers would have to learn the different types of armor crafting to be able to repair that type of armor..(IE .. Leather armor would req a lvl 10 leather working to repair)

In order to fully repair gear a player would have to seek out an actual black smith.

This would mitigate x% of damage per hit thus dropping the armor bar say 10% of that in deterioration damage. The more mobs attaching at one time the more the armor deteriorates. Also if mobs are using corrosive attacks the deterioration damage would be higher,( unless there were stats to resist that type of damage) thus the armor would also deteriorate much more quickly. If an evasion skill was implemented you could even figure in an evasion effect and thus would drop damage a small percentage. ( kinda like the endurance skill)

Hp bar would drop depending how much armor one had. If a person had 100 armor and a mob hit them for 50 damage the armor would absorb say 10pts thus dropping the armor bar down 5 pts and cause 40 damage to hp. Once armor bar was at 0 then all damage taken would be hp damage. Bosses may even do a higher % of armor deterioration damage or have more "agro" mobs around them so the "tank" player would be forced to repair armor more frequently than DPS players. you could also put a deterioration indicator on the armor patching hammer that I mentioned before so that the hammer would have to be repaired by a high level blacksmith every so often or a new hammer used. ( this would also give another recipe to be used by blacksmiths) ( the problem I see being given with this is " people won't want to give another player their patching hammer to be repaired. this is fine because most high level patchers will be black smiths, since black smithing reqs armor patching to get started. I also believe that max level on armor patching should be same as beginning req for blacksmithing, or even better integrate armor patching into blacksmithing.)

dealing with poison attacks and other attacks that are non corrosive but should be harsher than normal attacks.

This should fall under armor material. If wearing cloth armor a poison would tend to soak through and thus cause hp damage with out affecting the armor bar. Where if a person had metal armor it may do hp damage over time, or even a delayed damage event in either case the armor bar would not go down.

with that said a player with really high armor should not take noticeable damage from mobs that are much lower in level, there fore every piece of gear ( including white) should have some sort of skill level req on it.

you could even add a

Taunt Skill ( proposal)

A skill that focused on taunting different races. This would be useful if the player that wanted to make a "tank" character would have the ability to create rage among different races such as canine, elves, orcs, etc. This would also create it to where lower level "Tanks" could not obtain taunt as easily from higher boss's so that if they were to use gear that was not meant for their level they would not be able to enrage the boss to hold agro until they had their taunt skill raised up. As different types of mobs are introduced to the game a new ability would be added for the appropriate level.
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