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Armor for Assassins

  • Thread starter Briandand
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What armor is good for an assassin that has 100 hiding and 100 stealth. I want to get the best armor for my character. Also does anyone know of any armor thats made especially for assassins. someone was selling it one day in UO but i cant find any information on it. it said it was a four piece set if that helps.


It's a 4 piece set that drops from peerlees and mini bosses.

The set consists of tunic, legs, sleeves & gloves. Below is the suit information:

Stealth +30
Dexterity Bonus 12
Stamina Increase 8
Swing Speed Increase 20%
Self Repair 3
Physical Resist 56%
Fire Resist 40%
Cold Resist 24%
Poison Resist 48%
Energy Resist 32%
Strength Requirement 25

Drops from:
Dread Horn -* Leggings
Lady Mel - * Leggings
Lurg - * Sleeves
Miasma - * Tunic * Sleeves
Swoop - *Tunic * Sleeves
Travesty - * Sleeves * Leggings * Gloves
- The Tunic and Sleeves are the common ones, Gloves and Legs the rare items

There are various assassin spikes. Has the same specials as a dagger.
The ones that have recipes are:
Charged Assassin Spike - Hit Lightning 10%
Wounding Assassin Spike - Hit harm 15%
Magekiller Assassin Spike - Hit Mana Leech 16%
True Assassin Spike - HCI 4% DI 4%
Assassin's Shortbow - HCI 3% DI 4%

Probably the best recipe Assassin Spike is the Rune Carving Knife.
HML 40%
Stamina Regen 2
LMC 10%
SSI 35%
DI 30%
100% Physical Damage
Weap. Dmg 10-12
Weap. Speed 50
Str. Req. 15
One-Handed Skill Req : Fencing
Durability 60/60

So to sum it up, the Assassin Armour is pretty sweet and the full set is pretty rare. The recipe assassin spikes, aren't that impressive. However, I'm always on the lookout for good regular assassin spikes in loot. (Just as I am for daggers).

Hope that helps,


I'd say rune carapace, leather armour for arms/gloves/gorglet and maybe even leggings if u have enough dci.. helmet varies so many to choose from, samurai helmet, that bear one (i own it and i still can't remember the name) or Mace and shield.

Arties r very over rated, armour from barbed kits is the best :p