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[Selling] ***Archnight's Mega EM Thread: Includes Unique, Seer & Low Count Rares!*** ~UPDATED 4/4~


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Selling some of my rares in this thread, all items are on Atlantic and ready to sell. Please either ICQ 691820408, Discord Archnight#9037 or PM if interested with an offer and we'll make a deal. Thanks :).

- Worst Dressed - Dravecky (Unique 1 of 1)

- A Pendant Carved From An Ice Serpent Scale, Naming You Friend To The Al'Suq (Seer Item)

- Flawless Stone (Nearly Unique)

- Orcish Insignia Ring (Season 1)

- The Eternal Flame Of Sosaria

- A Window Light From The Christmas Yeti

- I Had Time To Stop And Smell The Roses Before Mesanna Killed Me Playing Roulette

- The Cursed Tree

- Cryokinetic Fury Of Glacieus The Ice Daemon

- A Seedling Of Once Dark Matter Cleansed By The Royal Guards Of Britannia

- Ice Flower

- Hydrangea Flower

- Augustine's Mugwort Plant

- Queen Bee

- Trap Training Dummy

- A Voltex Core Recovered From The Blackrock Detection Machine

- The Cheater's Dice And Cup

- Exodus Teknology Rune

- The Blazing And Glowing Net Used To Trap And Defeat The God Of The Seas

- Declaration Of Trinsic Independence

- Water Filteration Tile

- Glacial Spellbook (Doggy Duped Item)

- Unlimited Power Crystal

- Reversed Cross Of Vampire Laura

- All Mesanna Saw Was These Footprints As I Walked Away Alive While Playing Mesanna Roulette

- Stuffy Harlequin Lion

- A Gemmed Chalice Containing The Dark Blood Of Mericles The Vampire Lord - Halloween 2015

- I Rolled The Dice And Won Playing Lets Make A Deal On Europa

- A Petal From The Golden Lotus Of Heaven

- Golden Turkey Feather

- A Feather Of Peace From An Ethereal Being

- Man-Eater's Follower

- Wooden Bench Of Saltiness

- Scaffold

- Cards (Facing West)

- Skull With Candle

- Pitcher

- Felucca Festival Of The Grape Harvest, Great Lakes 2011

- A Decanter Of Cold Chocolate Milk

- Death Toll Chimes

- The Mystical Candelabra Of Forgotten Souls That Contains The Curse Of A Nameless Demon

- Justin's Sword Placed Naked Between Himself And Isabelle

- A Replica Of The Vulcan's Madness Kryss

- Daniels Broken Silent Kryss

- Treachery

- Calm

- Spectral Scythe

- Hollow Branch

- Shroud of Deceit

- Weld Scale Gloves

- Ringmail Sleeves Of The Phoenix

- Chinese Prosperity Horse

- Exodus Minion Lord (Infected)

- Daemonic Crisis Vanquisher

- 15th Anniversary Commemorative Robe

- Royal Guard Inquisitor

- Dead Lord Boots

- Boots Marked With A Corrupt Sigil Of The Blackrock Magi

- Boots Of Enchanted Origin

- Cards "I played a game with Mesanna and Won!!"

- Christmas Carols

- Mythril, Gifted By Beallon The Elemental Lord

- Melted Snow

- Lanterns (Selling Individually)
. I Could Not See To Escape From Mesanna Playing Roulette
. Empty Goblin Cage
. The Light Of Wakoku 18th Anniversary
. The Cursed Lantern Of The Golden Man That Contains The Essence Of Greed
. May The Light Keep Us, May Fate Smile Upon Us, May We Always Be Within Sight Of A Friend

- Waves (Selling Individually)
. The Forgotten Wave Of Evil
. A Beautiful Sea Wave Of Tokuno
. Felucca's Madness: Embrace The Fear
. Anju Sermani - A Magical Spell From Old Sosaria Used To Restore A Destroyed Body
. Twisted Soul Of The Ravenous Host, It Still Pulses And Lurches Towards It's Prey

- Crystals (Selling Individually)
. A Frozen Solid Crystal Formed From The Ice Queen's Soul
. Heart Of The Ocean
. The Crystallized Magical Power Of Thaddius
. A Crystal Taken From A Spiders Lair
. Heart Of The Inferno
. Heart Of The Jungle
. Thuban Of The Shooting Star Which Fell From Draco
. A Soul Oubliette Imprisoning Drithik The Deathwhisper
. A Crystalline Remnant Of A Demonic Presence
. A Fragment Of The Destroyed Souls Of Doloras And Timyra
. A Crystal With An Evil Presence Trapped Within
. Fragments Of Meer Dreams Trapped In Crystalline Glass
. A Severed Piece Of Geonodus
. Stoneheart Infused Crystal
. Subterranean Crystal Formed From Mantle Of Sosaria
. Crystal Of Vas Por Grav Engraved With Runic Symbols: Des Por Tym
. A Creature From A World Unknown Frozen In The Arctic Britannia Ice
. A Large Piece Of Fire Ruby
. A Crystal Used In A Special Antidote

- Golden Man Suit (Complete Set)
Golden Man Suit.png

* Most of these rares and more can be found on display in this castle, it's located between Skara Brae and Hedge Maze!

Items Sold:
- I Gave (my Life) And Took (this Wonderful Crystal)...
- Library Of An Ancient Necromancer
- Samhayne's Crooked Key Drop Spot
- The Most Precious Pirate Gargoyle Statue...
- Yamato Nadeshiko
- Sapling Of The Great Forest
- Silverware
- Tome Of Spells Used To Free Myr'Stix The Storm Wyrm
- Last Ice Of Winter
- Dead Lord Armor (Chest)
- Statue Of Energy Llamatex
- A Talisman Of People's Revolutionary Party...
- A Golden Brooch Brazed With A Symbol Of A Spider
- Jade Armband
- High Quality Lava Stone
- Hanarins Haetae Statue
- Statue (Two-Story)
- Skull Mug (Right)
- The Shirt Off Of An Unlucky Leprechauns Back
- A Dragon Prod
- Dragon's Secret Flower
- Headmount Of Karli The Onyx Dragon
- A Grand Dragon Weakening Potion
- A Single Rose Offered Freely To The Time Lord's Daughter
- Hatching Ice Dragon
- Severed Head Of A Tormented Wyrm
- Valentine's Bloodbath
- Skull With Candle
- Flowers From Moria
- Element Of Water
- Element Of Air
- Spittoon
- Covered Chair (Facing South)
- A Passionate Rosebush Augmented With True Beauty
- Raider Pocket Notebook
- Taper Of Sacrifice
- Make Our Hearts One
- Cats House
- A Meer Dream Catcher
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