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[Sold] ***Archnight's EM Rares: Books, Lanterns, Server Births, Suits, Rubble & Wearables*** ~Updated!~


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Selling some of my rares in this thread, please either PM or ICQ 691820408 if interested (Best reached through Stratics PM). All items are on Atlantic and ready to sell, please throw me an offer and we'll make a deal. Thanks :)


Items Sold:
- A Zealan Spear Used in The Grimswind Raid
- Gruesome Standard Of The Pale Orc Warband
- Scaffold
- Armor Of Initiation
- Babycakes Toy Oven
- The Hissing Cat Of House Mirza
- Ruyi Golden Staff
- Buttery Eggnog
- A Bag Of Peanut Brittle - Sonoma 2010
- Pumpkin Spider Statue
- Chinese Prosperity Horse
- Crystallized Skeletal Phylactery
- Element Of Earth
- A Crib
- A Miniature Swords For The Boy's Festival 2016
- A Magical Holding Chamber (Izumo)
- Visage Of Drax'veltos
- Johnny Runners Indecipherable Tattered Pirate Treasure Map
- A Fragment of a Golden Plate with a Gemmed Mosaic Depicting Lord Casca's Coronation
- Blood Throne Of The Fallen Undead Gargoyle King Trajalem
- A Collection Of Manuscripts And Other Ephemera Related To A Storyteller Named Narcissus Bennu
- A Container Which Holds The Essence Of Borbarads Morbid Sense Of Humor
- The Cursed Lantern Of The Golden Man That Contains The Essence Of Greed
- Gladiator Boots
- Anju Sermani - A Magical Spell From Old Sosaria Used To Restore A Destroyed Body
- The Wave Of The Nightmarish Dreams
- Felucca's Madness Embrace The Fear
- Twisted Soul Of The Ravenous Host, It Still Pulses And Lurches Towards It's Prey
- Voodoo Doll
- EM Takakos Light Of Celebration, 3 Years
- I Won Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal On Baja
- Statue
- Wash Basin
- Large Vase
- Skull With Candle
- Skull Mug
- Tray
- Kettle
- Oni Koroshi - Japanese Sake Rice Wine
- Tears From A Broken Heart
- Worshipper Of Vereor - Pledging Mind, Body, And Soul To His Greatness
- Pat The Dolphin
- Rotgut Wine
- A Multi-Legged, Bloodthirsty Surprise From Drachenfels
- The Speedy Rabbit Zodiac Statue
- The Crazy And Lost Llama Of The Grinch
- Orcish War Mace Of The Moltenfist Clan
- Orcish Visage Of The Frozen Skull Clan
- Orcish Spellbook Of The Darkblade Clan
- The Book Of Shadows
- A Blood Soaked Deadwood Tree Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane Ashmedai
- The Cheater's Dice And Cup
- Bottles of Johnny Runners Finest Boot Lager

- Fuddy Wuddy Orange Blossom Special
- The Golden Days Of Royal Summer Wine
- Blackrock Infused Leggings Bearing The Crest Of Armageddon

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