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I didn't play for more than a few hours so this might be a little limited. I did get the latest updated revision (I can't imagine how bad it might have been before). Game is unappealing ... slightly mind-numbing ... but free to play at least.. The graphics look not too bad, a little rubber-bandy at times. Dialog/chat is strange, combat is repetitive to the point of distraction. Quests are simple, character selection/modeling is limited, crafting (what crafting), loot decays waay to fast this is a barely persistent world.


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I disagree, for the points below:

Rubby Bandy GFX - Dont bump into things, walk around walls and tree's. Thats the only rubber banding you get

Chat - I find it easy and straight forward. /g for guild /s to shout /w for whisper and /p for party. Whats strange about that?

Combat - You have to fight beasts on every MMO, what makes this one repetitive and not the others? I personally fight different beasts depending on what mood I'm in and rarely get bored.

Quests - Kill, kill and kill... Its what the masses want and its what they get

Character Selection - Ok its a bit limited, but its free. The big word there is FREE so cant really complain.

Crafting - Its a MMO built for the masses, the masses dont want crafting like WoW (horrible game) they just want to kill kill kill.

Loot - Decays too fast? either pick it up before it goes or get into a party. The game is built so that adventuring parties have it easier (auto loot, higher HP, faster regen etc etc). Its not a Solo game, its a Adventuring Party game and its built to be that way. Although you can solo it (and I do) and I still have all the benefits of a party as I party with my mates who are elsewhere soloing.

All in all, a fantastic game considering you pay nothing to play on it. Its graphics are equal or better than WoW and most of the other MMO's on the market. It has a decent Customer Support team and actively supports the game (unlike EA/UO) and listens to its players.

Uh did I mention ITS FREE!