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Application Forms available in the Sidebar


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We've reactivated the Application form on the sidebar, we've had quite a few people ask how they can apply to help us out going forward and although we're not hiring anyone at the moment, we wanted to provide an avenue to start collecting applications for when we do here in the near future.

The main areas we'll be looking for are:

Forum Moderator
Global Moderator
Wiki Moderator
Article Moderator
News Reporter

There are other areas so feel free to apply and use the section for other information to let us know!

Thank you all for your support!


Stratics Sr. Leadership team member
I will just agitate everyone from the peanut gallery. *smiles*
Are you sure, Kelmo? Think of all the power... ;-)

All kidding aside, though, folks -- we really are actively looking for interested community members for various roles on the team. We have a lot of work to do to build Stratics back up to being the best it can be, and a lot of projects coming up.

As Greg noted, we may not IMMEDIATELY (ie in the next couple days) bring staff on, but we know we want to and need to pretty darn quick. Mainly the thing that's holding us up are revamping the volunteer agreements and making sure our mod processes are reflective of the culture we want to maintain here on Stratics. As soon as those are done, we will be bringing folks on board as fast as we feel we can handle it.

A few other specific "volunteer opportunities" that we've identified as something we may need in future or for special projects, but which aren't necessarily called out in our Application:
  • Graphic Artists for design work: designing logos and color schemes for web pages or other special projects; designers with experience and knowledge of HTML and CSS would be particularly helpful.
  • Developers: PHP developers and database developers/designers for special projects.
  • Video and/or Streaming specialists: streaming in-game events or sessions, editing video, creating video ie we could have used someone like that for our campaign video ;-)
  • Online Advertising/Marketing specialist: experience with Online ad networks such as Adsense; practical skills in Google Analytics and both practical/strategic knowledge in SEO
  • Xenforo Specialists: Xenforo moderation tools, system administration and performance tuning
  • Professional Skills: legal, accounting or administration experience for occasional tasks or projects such as documenting operational procedures, consulting on legal and accounting aspects related to the LLC and organization.

old gypsy

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If only I were 40 years younger...

But since I retired I've become deliberately erratic and unreliable. You wouldn't want me today! o.0


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My dear Gypsy -- you are an invaluable contributor to Stratics in whatever role you choose to take on, and at whatever level you feel able to contribute.

As for age...something to consider: (1:57)