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Anyone knows of a good Template Builder/Spreadsheet ?


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"Planning" for a Template in Ultima Online with all of the modifiers, buffs and variables has never been an easy task but now, with the TONS of artifacts, city buffs and all that type of stuff which can affect the planning and the making of a Template, it looks like an almost unsurmountable task....

Is there, out there, a resource good for the planning of a character that one could use for the planning of a Template ?

Ideally, I would imagine, what could be very usefull would be a comprehensive database of all in-game items that one could filter by modifier or combination of modifiers, thus being able to put them together and see what "missing pieces" they would need to "fill in" in order to reach the wanted results...

I often see on the Forums, in posts, people posting spreadsheets with their suits, weapons etc.

Since often Stratics hosts Resources for Ultima Online, I thought that also one for Templates planning and building could have been hosted but other then something for imbuing, I could not locate any Template Planner/Builder or Spreadsheet that UO players could use to help them out in planning and building their Templates in Ultima Online.

Anyone knows of any such resource that could be very much helpfull to UO players as available ?


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No, everyone just makes their own, it's really not difficult.

For example, how I do it:
I have the armour slot down the side; head, neck, chest, legs/kilt, arms, gloves, talisman, apron, back, ring, brace, left hand, right hand, sash, robe, feet, racial, town bonus...

And the properties that matter across the top; phys/fire/cold/poison/energy, lrc/di, lmc, mr, hci/sdi, dci, casting/stam increase, hp increase, and at the end I write in skill increases and stats as I use another smaller table underneath for calculating base stats to know what I'll have in the suit.

Under the main table you have totals along the bottom. I put lrc/di, and hci/sdi as column heads because it's rare to be using both on a character (though if that is required it's a simple case of changing the headings), as you know whether you're making a dexxer or caster it isn't hard to tell. When finished I copy the whole thing underneath for a specificcharacter then blank out the one above ready for next time.

You can search artifacts on various sites including this one and uoguide, and find them via in game vendor search. You could also easily compile your own list spaced out in the same format as your spreadsheet so you can just copy/paste them in as needed. It isn't necessary to list all of them as most of them are not useful. You could also hop on test and catalogue them that way as they all appear in your bank after the give arties command.

The table for stats has str, int, dex, down the side. The next column blank with a total underneath. You then have a column for stat increase from items. Then a column for the str to hp calculation, so here you would use the str after increase cell, divided by 2, plus 50. That is how hp is worked out. Then you have another column for the derrived stat increases hp, mana, stam. Now whatever value you type in the first column will give you the final result in the last column and you won't go over because you have a total underneath the first column and know what stat scroll your character has eaten. If you have a hard time working out what's remaining you can even do another sum under the total that is your stat cap minus the total. This will show what's remaining. Doing it this way means you can see exactly what base (naked) stats you should set. Stats are extremely easy to adjust and can be macrod to the right levels within 15 minutes.


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Imho it's not complicated, just use notepad and the resist/imbue tools on knuckleheads website.