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Anyone interested in non-craftable slime-dyed items?


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Doing some house cleaning, and I have this small collection of slime-dyed non-craftable items. I've seen very few of these, actually; figured someone may want them for a clothing collection. Anyone interested?


Boots (15 invisibility charges, hue 1260)
Burglar's Bandana (blessed, hue 1260)
Cloak (53 invisibility charges, hue 1260)
Friends Of The Library Surcoat (hue 1260)
Hat Of The Magi (blessed, hue 1260)
Hat Of The Magi (cursed, hue 1260)
I Saved The Day And All I Got Was This Fancy Shirt (blessed, hue 1260)
Kasa Of The Raj-In (hue 1260)
Quiver Of Infinity (blessed, hue 1266)
Robe Of The Equinox (hue 1260)
Totem Of The Void (hue 1266)
True Britannians Are #1 (hue 1260)
True Britannians Are #1 (hue 1260 - yes, there's 2 of them)

hue 1260 = fire 100%
hue 1266 = ice 100%