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[Imbuing] Another Reforging Question


I was just using an Ash fletching kit with "powerful" not checked. I was using one name option and had "animated of haste" checked. I ended up with 2 odd bows. One turned into 70 physical damage and 30 energy damage, and the other odd bow had water elemental slayer and hit fatigue. None of those are options for the name "animated of haste". I thought if you limited the options to one name, you would only get those options that are under that name. Is this normal, or is it because I used an Ash kit?


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Because Bows are different from other weapons in bonus ranges, they can act odd.

That said, any time you reforge something, there's a chance some of the properties end up outside the chosen ability groups, after the part of the budget that goes toward the selection is filled.