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And the results are in Sonoma!


Crazed Zealot
And the results are in Sonoma!​

After two weeks of nominations and voting the results are in. Here are your Governors for the next six months! Congrats to all the winners!

Please Note if it says Governor-Elect, that means the Governor has yet to accept the Office, be sure to do so winners!
Britian.jpg Jhelom.jpg Magincia.jpg Minoc.jpg Moonglow.jpg Skara.jpg Trinsic.jpg Vesper.jpg
Another note: Yew did not have anyone run for office, if you feel you can do that please petition the King and attend the next meeting of Governors, schedule for June 30th: Governors Meeting @ 7PM PST


Citizens of Trinsic your Governor has a question for you, see the city stone to answer it!
Citzens of Trinsic you have another voting matter.jpg