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And a Star to Guilde Her By

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The night winds blew softly upon the surface of the waters turning falling leaves into great ships, sails unfurled and heading across the ocean to far distant lands. As he watched the tiny vessels skim the water he dreamed of being aboard a ship and homeward bound. But for now, this must remain a dream, a reward at the end of all toil.

Aedon stood long gazing out across the waters. In their home outside Bree, Janisson would have just gotten Kylee settled down, and would be setting before the fire, a cup of tea at her side. He wondered if during these quiet times her thoughts turned to him, or if time and distance had allowed her the luxury of somehow forgetting that he had once again left her sitting alone while he returned to tend Aegis. He never doubted her love for him; she had time and again made this evident in all that she did for him and their child, as well as her seeming endless patience with his ways. He could not help but wonder if their life might be better were he no longer around.

Walking to the chair on the porch Aedon sat down and looked towards Nemira.

“Well, it is done Nemira. Or at least it is well into being started. I have managed to set up a meeting tomorrow with most of the parties concerned. Perhaps we will be able to come to a reasonable agreement, and be at last prepared to face the Hand.”

The large bird made no sound, but its eyes were fixed on Aedon.

“I talked to Dramora this evening; she will be at the meeting, along with those who represent Skara, Trinsic, and the Freehold of Roses. It is my hope that Thom will be there for Yew.”

Turning his face towards the water, he sighed a bit and continued.

“I am worried Nemira, concerned for the Governor of Yew. “

He suddenly looked towards the bird as though he had heard a question asked.

”Why the concern? Well, there has been a great amount of tension of late, and I was in fear that we were giving the Hand just what they wanted. All of us in turmoil, bickering and at each other’s throats. This would serve their plans well. There would be little need to conquer a people who conquered their selves. I have taken a risk here old friend. Without knowledge of Gillian and Thom, I went to the others and sought this meeting. I did not go speaking for Yew, but for myself, and Aegis, and on behalf of the people that I care so deeply for. If this meeting goes well it may well prove a turning point which can work for the salvation of us all.”

Aedon fidgeted with his fingers a bit and then continued speaking to the bird,

“But it may cost me dearly in the end. I may win the war only to lose some friendships. And that would for me be both a joyful and sorrowful victory. I am mostly alone here you know? Yes, I know it was my choice to be here, but is it not important that a person follows the path laid out for them, that they finish those things which they stare? “

Sitting back a bit he continued.

“Gillian and Thom are my family here, along with James of course. This is a surprise to me seeing there was a time Thom and I nearly came to blows. But the years change us softly, and sometimes we find friendship where once there was distrust and animosity. I will have to walk a thin line here and hope that I do not stumble and cause more damage than good.”

Standing up he approached the kite.

Oh, we must be a bit quieter, you and I. It would seem that we were overheard talking last eve. Dramora thinks I am a bit crazy already, and this must have solidified her view of me. But even better, she thinks I am talking to a bird. That is right Nemira, she called you a bird.”

Aedon chuckled as Nemira turned her back on him and ruffled her feathers a bit.

“Do not be angry, she has no way of knowing that you are far more than her eyes can see. But we know, and that is all that is needed at this time. “

Casting one more look across the waters Aedon noticed that his little ships could no longer be seen. They had either already reached far shores, or been pulled beneath the water’s surface.

All I need is a tall ship, and a star to guide her by. This is true of all things in life. From those which navigate the oceans of the world, to leaders of men sitting in their high seats of power. We all need that star which guides us safely back to port Nemira. All my ships are afloat now. May the stars guide them all home safely.”