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An odd question...from me.


Slightly Crazed
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When I first began playing DDO (which is when it first went public) during the character creation screen, each time you selected a character class (wizard, sorcerer ect... ) there was a cool little animation that lasted... heck I dunno, 30 seconds or so. Ok, now for my geek-dom to show here.

Since the massive re-vamp of DDO those little animations have seemingly vanished. By any thread of hope... does anyone have them somehow saved on their computer, or know of a mystery link that I can visit to re-claim them?

I know, I know, the first thing your gonna' say is "why" well, my "why" is I really, really liked watching them. Ok? I'm a self admitted geek. And I want so badly to watch them again. :blushing: