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(OT) An Explanation. And An Appeal For A Stronger Sense Of Community


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Good day all,

I will not link to the thread in question, but some of you may have noticed recently an auction I was trying to run has turned into a considerable source of bitterness and in fighting within our community here in Britannia. One I was clearly not in control of, or had laid enough plans for. Firstly, I want to explain why this was the case.

My girlfriend disappeared over the weekend. When I made the auction, I was in part doing it for something to do whilst I tried to ignore my worries, any distraction at all. Unfair on all of you who are just playing a game for fun I understand, but you do not think logically when stressed, and I was exceptionally stressed. Unfortunately, things spiralled out of control in the short term; I then had to submit a missing persons report as, just before the auction first ended on Monday, I received information of where she was and what was happening. I was checking that information when it ended, and talking to the Police later that night. It doesn't matter what it was now, she is home safely again without any long term harm. But I tried to leave the auction thread with enough structure to end without me, because some things are more important to attend too and always will be.

She came to my flat on Tuesday. I wasn't online at all that day as I was checking her situation with her. And she decided it was better if we separated. I spent the afternoon weeping like a hollowed out child. Cailleach later warned me as a Stratics moderator that the thread here was becoming appalling, but I had other things on my mind. And to tell you the truth, I escaped into fiddling with drivers again because I couldn't sleep, only to find the official ASUS motherboard package broke windows and I was up until 6am trying to fix it again.

I tell you this not to make anyone feel guilty, as such; but to again stress the point that there are more important things than virtual items. I don't really care about the items, or the money... if I can give one person who really needs it just a little happiness in their life, they can have it all. I understand people want mementos of events they enjoy, and I click on the guaranteed dispensers where possible just like everyone else. But what makes this game worth playing is the people. It's all that makes real life worth living too. Go into any graveyard, and look at the headstones; they always tell you who they were dearly beloved of. You won't see anything about how much money they earned or even what they did to get it.

Yes, it's great to have in game goals. Maybe you want that particular rare; mine was a Singing Ball. Or to save the history of the shard. I try and do that too. And I'm not pointing any fingers, because I have to remind myself constantly that these should never come at the expense of the what is the real valuable currency, the one we are all born with, even if it's an easy thing to throw away... the human heart.

So... I am asking now that all sides in the recent auction debacle try to put any bitterness to one side; to not carry it into game where it will only poison further the joy we all hope to find here. And that we as a community, at the next EM event, try and have as much fun as we did at the last; where many of us bonded together and sacrificed time and effort and a fleet of rowing boats just to say we defeated Osireadon in the end. We didn't even know if he'd have shirts on him, and the odds of anything could from him are pretty poor anyway. But do you remember Event chat afterwards? No complaints for once, no bitterness, just the glow of fighting and triumphing alongside stout comrades.

And you can't auction that feeling, can you?

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and try and sort out the actual auction mess; Not because I want too, but because you the community should be respected as best I can. And if I don't do something, I'll pull out my nostril hair, having none on my head left these days.
Its not your fault remember that non of it is.

We all play the game in our own way, if we dont like eachother we ignore eachother its simple as that. But sometimes can't just leave it at that so its kindda sad that it was your thread it happened on and not ingame where we have ignore.