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"An Account of Keeonean" by Blackwolf (Dark Tower)

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An Account from:
Lord Blackwolf, Cabal of Blade of the Dark Tower
Invasion of Yew
March 28, 2000

Special thanks to Hazard for finding this in the archives

It is I, BlackWolf of the Dark Tower, bringing ye news of the invasion of Yew three nights past. Lady Minax's dark soldier, Keeonean met with the Dark Tower forces before the attack commenced to assure us that his Orchish army would strike Yew first

Keeonean departed quickly because of the news that his forces had already started their attack. We at the Dark Tower had already rallied a large force from our own ranks with some added help from hired mercenaries. The combined forces of the Orc army with the Dark Tower spelled certain doom for Yew.

Our forces arrived shortly after the Orcish attack began. The Dark Tower army cut a path through any defender that got in their way. However, we encountered magics from some unseen source that prevented us from attacking the majority of the Yew defenders

Those that we could attack were slain very quickly. Unfortunately, the rest of the defenders finally defeated the Orcish force while suffering heavy casualities. Blood could been seen everywhere on the streets of Yew. What a grand site it was!

I give you warning that this is not the end of the attacks on Yew. This is only the beginning! More Orcish supplies are already being gathered to replenish the Orc army. We will strike again! Yew will be ours before any of you know it!

(Screenshot Missing)
The Dark Tower Meets with Keeonean

(Screenshot Missing)
The Dark Tower overcomes Yew, as it lends assistance to Keeonean

(Screenshot Missing)
The Dark Tower Clashes with the Emerald Sashes in the Battle For Yew
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