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Aion Music Samples!

Xel The Wanderer

Lore Keeper
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Hail Folks!

For those of you who are nude and/or drinking alcoholic beverages, please don't drink and drive. The official European website for Aion: The Tower of Eternity has posted some in-game music snippets with a brief descripton for each song, respectively. As some of you may notice, some songs are performed by the London Symphany Orchestra! Sweeeeet! At this time, I really don't have a favorite song as each one sounds unique and extremely epic and really does an excellent job of capturing the feel and atmosphere of Aion. Once again, speaking for myself, it's blinkin' difficult to decide which song(s) is my personal favorite.

Here's a link to the official European website with the sample music! Enjoy!


Please note, at this time, there are three pages of in-game Aion music goodness on that site. Please enjoy, and hopefully, people will come to have a favorite song or songs! :danceb: