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[Tailoring] Advice needed for Archer suit


I want to make a suit for my archer. He mostly just does fishing quests. Right now he's got 113 arch, 100 fish, 100 chiv, 100 tact, 100 anat, 100 heal, 100 resist, 126 sta, 85 str, 74 mana base skills and stats. When I get a fish scroll, I'm going to lower arch and chiv and use items to keep arch at 125 and maybe tactics when I get that scroll too. I know I want max resists, medible, at least 30 LMC and 10 MR, max HCI and DCI, maybe a little more mana and my swing speed as close to 1.25 as I can. Maybe some mana leech too. For bow, I'm thinking repeating crossbow with Damage increase. Although right now My tailor is only 94 and my bow crafter is only 72. My question is this: Does this sound like what I should be aiming for and how hard will it be to achieve this?

Thanks in advance