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Adventures in Eodon Short Story Contest

Adventures in Eodon Short Story Contest
Posted by Riyana
Sunday, June 12, 2016 - 12:00 AM
Until: Saturday, July 9, 2016 - 11:59 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/New_York)

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Britannian adventurers have been exploring the land of Eodon for a few months now. This untamed land has brought new adventures and stories to Sosaria--and we'd love to hear yours!

Did your tamer befriend a tiger? Did your thief run afoul Eodonian natives while making off with their treasures? Was your warrior swarmed by gorillas while dodging barrels? Did your mage hot foot it across an active volcano and live to tell the tale--or not? Did your chef go searching for gold foil and have to flee from angry macaws? Tell us a story about one of YOUR characters' adventures in the new land!


  • Stories should be at least 300 and no more than 2500 words long.

  • Stories should follow the theme of "Adventures in Eodon".

  • You may work with a partner or team, but only one reward will be issued per team if that team is selected as a winner.

  • Each entrant (or partnership/team) may submit as many entries as they like, but may only place once.

  • Entries must adhere to the Stratics Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service.

Post your entries in this thread by 11:59 PM (Eastern timezone) on Saturday, July 9th. At that time, the thread will be closed and winners selected by Stratics staff.

The winners will receive the following prizes:

1st Place: Winner's choice of a Time of Legends upgrade, a 1-month UO game time code, 2000 sovereigns, or 1000 sovereigns. One month of Stratics Professional and a medal indicating 1st Place in the contest applied to the winner's Stratics account.

2nd Place: Winner's choice of the remaining three unchosen rewards. A medal indicating 2nd Place in the contest applied to the winner's Stratics account.

3rd Place: Choice of the remaining two unchosen rewards. A medal indicating 3rd Place in the contest applied to the winner's Stratics account.

(The final remaining unchosen reward will not be distributed. Four possible rewards are offered here in case all three winners already have the Time of Legends upgrade.)

We look forward to seeing what this creative community can come up with. Good luck!


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You have until Saturday to enter!


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I do not qualify for contest entry as I am staff. I am just posting this for fun =).

On a cool summer night, the wooden door of the Buccaneer’s Den Tavern slammed open. She stormed in with a look of fury on her face. Her face was barely visible, as it was surrounded by her long curly crimson red hair.

“What is the meaning of this?” She yelled into the seemingly empty tavern, as she threw her red cloak onto a nearby chair, with such force that the chair toppled over. She continued to scream, with flailing arms, “Nothing! Nothing for weeks! I have searched all of Felucca, and I have not seen a single soul! Look at this Tavern, just look at it! Is anyone even here?” “I am here lady, if you’re quite finished throwing a fit, I’ll make you a drink.” said the bartender. Her red eyes flashed over to the little bald man holding a mug as she clenched her fists. “You…. You dare to address me with such disrespect? I have half the mind to kill you where you stand right now.” She snarled through clenched teeth. “Listen lady, I am not a barkeeper without protection. Your spells will have no effect on me, neither will your weapons. Now, before you continue to make more of a fool of yourself, I advise you to sit down and have this drink.” She continued to stare at the man for a moment longer, the red color of her eyes seemed to glow and radiate to her face. Her eyes dropped from his gaze as she began to stomp towards the bar. She threw herself down on the stool, and grabbed the mug out of his hands. With one long gulp the mug was empty.

“Now lady, tell me, what is your problem?” “My problem is Felucca is dead. The crafters, the gatherers, the warriors, the beggars, the thieves, the gold hunters, the self-proclaimed heroes, everyone! They are all gone! I haven’t found anyone to kill for weeks. My powers are fading, my weapons are rusting, and I walk every day aimlessly for nothing. I use to guard these lands and the treasures they hold, now there is no one to guard it from, nor anyone to protect. They use to unite against me, they would build army’s to fight me, now there is just nothing. What is happening?” She shoved her mug towards the barkeeper. As he filled it he looked at her and began to say, “I guess you haven’t heard, the treasures you guard are worthless now. They have discovered a new land. A land with dinosaurs and tribesman, a land of tigers and apes. The treasures from defeating these new foes wields 10 times the value of anything in Felucca. Listen lady, I am sorry to say, you days of victory in Felucca are over. The king has issued royal pardons for murderers like yourself. You may make use of it, and venture into these new lands. However, you will not be able to harm anyone there.

“What?” She stood up with such speed and force the bartender stepped back. Fire began to radiate from her crimson hair, and flowed downwards over her red dress. “I cannot kill? I cannot take their treasures? I cannot challenge those who wish to defeat me? Gone? My treasures worthless?” Her incoherent muttering turned into manic screams of rage. A fireball flew out of her hand and exploded onto the bar. He eyes seems to be made of fire as she looked at the bartender, “You tell them, you tell them all I am coming for them. I will put a stop to these new treasures, I will find a way to make sure they are forced to come to my lands again. This will not be the end! You tell them, Giggles is coming for them!” The bartender laughed as he put out the flames. “Giggles aye? I have heard of you, but that is a pretty ridiculous name lady. Why do they call you Giggles?” “They call me Giggles because I laugh as they die”, She responded with a demonic smirk.

She reached out her hand and summoned her cloak off the floor. She began to mutter to herself and she walked out of the Tavern. “Royal pardon, aye? Ha! The king is still a fool!”
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.....And so, go my final thoughts, and with them...this cautionary tale;

I am a victim of my own circumstances. Of my own greed. Caught up in the whirlwind, honeymoon like euphoria that consumes the finest rollicking thieving minds, I became enraptured at the thought of yet another bauble, one more shiny object to hold in esteem. So much like the crow, who is distracted by ANYTHING that glitters. HA!

This is what I'd heard; a new landmass discovered, a temporal rift, white, ashen mud and tribal berry covered savages, birds of colors only conjured up in feverish dreams. Riches beyond measure; finely hammered GOLD. This, and it's treasures, was the land I sought. I had paid a pretty price to get my information, bribing every hand that was held out to me. I greased palms of soothsayers, wizards, merchants, and trades folk alike. It led me here to this place. Eodon. I'd laugh if it didn't hurt so much. Think of it as a ruthless, heartless, humorless laugh. Maybe with even a hint of self deprecation. Maybe with a lot of it.

I'd entered the lands via a moon gate, surely you've heard of them, seen them?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. So like me, to run full tilt without due caution...even into the unknown.

I'd heard that this place had 'opened up', which I understood to mean newly discovered. Rumor had it that these lands were the result of some rift in the very fabric of time; HA. Lesser minds. 'Dinosaurs', 'Ancient Barbarians', 'Unknown Terrors' and the like. Fools. And of course to my mind, where there are newly discovered lands...as yet undiscovered riches await! And that was all I needed to begin my excursion. Rumor and hearsay. More than enough for me!

After stepping through the moon gate, I melted into harsh shadows. I became undetectable, hidden in the inky blackness that was cast by the bright sun on the
bushy trees...I felt so protected by the dense forests! To aid my efforts, rich, thick fog hung in the air. My plan was to remain utterly inconspicuous, phantom like, as I surreptitiously used my viewing scope to catch a distant glimpse of riches I'd yet to pilfer. A colored ore here, a gemmed jewel piece there, perhaps a painting or two..or even better, a CAVE painting that I could chisel out myself! And then there were those finely hammered pieces of gold I'd heard whispered of in dark corners, yes...

As to natives, well, I'd dealt with brutal savages in white and red finger paints before! Came upon a tribe of them in the swamps near the city of Trinsic! Nothing a handful of brightly colored, pasty trinkets with the promise of more to come wouldn't solve! Nothing some weakly 'herbal' smelling water that held 'miraculous healing powers' couldn't take care of! Who but I would know that the 'poisonous rash' that my healing water seemed to cure had been sprinkled onto my own skin not long before, using the brightly colored juice extracted from the seeds of an orange bulrush plant that I'd brought with me from home? Sprinkle brightly colored seed juice on forearm, allow to dry, replace my long sleeve, make a production of rubbing my arm against a local plant, all the better if one of the tribal folk happened to be down with a rash of unknown origin, too! Pull away from the plant as though burned, lift my sleeve to expose...a newly acquired, horrific looking, quickly spreading 'rash'! Cure it with my healing waters! (The orange seed pulp washes right off, you bet.)

Breathless 'Ohhhhh's' and 'Ahhhh's' ensued, practically on cue. Oh yes..I'd handled such situations before.

I hadn't caught a glimpse of as of yet to be mine treasure. The heat of midday, aided by the very same mist that seemed to conceal me, all took part in making me very tired. Breathless. The air? Thick, heavy and moist. Difficult to draw into my chest. Far off sounds of some..creature..or creatures? Unnerving. Roars in the distance. The sounds of...wet tearing. Was that fabric being torn? Must be...just fabric...surely only heavy fabric being ripped, and not flesh being ripped apart. All played a part in unsettling my nerves. Nothing a quick nap wouldn't cure! Ha!

And so it was. I chose a most acceptable nook hidden under a massive tree with a giant, leafy canopy. Covered myself in the brush that had fallen to the ground, and blended right in. Sure I did. A bit hot, but necessary. A quick nip of scotch from my flask to settle the nerves. Took my spying glasses out and had a peek at the near distant lands. Caught a glimpse of some ruins, carved from stone, and, more importantly to my eyes, something that SPARKLED! Near the apex of the decayed, ocher structure. Some reflection glinting back at me, WINKING at me, surely metallic. GOLD! Or fools gold. I made a mental note to double check the area and mark it on the makeshift map I'd acquired for a hefty price. There was rumored to be gold here, thin as silk, hammered out in sheets. HA! Savages..hammering golden sheets! Golden sheets such that we use as a coating for the finest holiday chocolates in the civilized world?! Pffft.

As I lowered my eye lids, as my breathing began to ease and my heart slowed to it's normal rhythm, I began to daydream...imaginings of local flora, fauna, and fist sized chunks of gold.

Yet abruptly the air stirred, a breeze kicked up, and I held my eyes closed, willing myself to rest until sunset. The air stirred...oh yes... Stirred, and was suddenly tossed about! The air around me came alive as I flung my eyes open, then closed again; dirt and debris, dried needles thrown angrily about me as brilliant flashes of color brushed wildly against my face! Blue, green, red, yellow, black! The sudden noise of it all! The leaves and brush cut me, violently lifted and carried through the air with such force! And what are those glimpses of color? What are those squawking sounds?! And OH MY HEAVENS ABOVE is that blood? IS THAT MY OWN BLOOD I SEE?!

And then I fainted.

And now I'm awake. Fully. Oh yes, very much so awake.

The squawking? 'Birds'. Macaws, as far as I know. Maybe a new breed of Macaw; 'Man Eating Macaw'. Yes. That's apropos. Seems they too like to hunt for shiny things. They took a great liking to the shine of my spy glasses! Ha.

They also seem to like flesh. I'm covered in raw, gaping, oozing bites. Beak shaped bites. The bleeding has slowed to a near stop, and the birds? Didn't get my glasses after all! I'd give a hearty HA if I could, but it hurts too much to move. The fresh scabs would pop and bleed freely. I can see a gleam from the brass of my glasses hidden beneath some leaves and feathers. Gleam..and initials engraved on them, too... JM? But those aren't my initials, aren't my glasses... And, hadn't I seen those spy glasses before, wasn't I too familiar with those initials? But Jared Morgan, fellow cavorting and sly peculator, had vanished long ago. Something about gold...and cannibals.

And I feel faint again.

Did I mention the locals?! They've found me! Must have been sleeping...

Those savage, small minded locals? With the mud white paint, and berry colored smudges covering their bodies? Seems..they don't use mud. And they don't use berries. They use ground white bone, and fresh blood. Jokes on me, and my old pal JM.




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Hunters Hunted

by Naitch

Once upon a time there were three young friends who aspired to be heroes. Larry, or Larry Boy as he is known to friends, is a tall skinny kid with a thin neck and an adam’s apple and freckles all over his pale face. He has a huge crush on a young maiden in Britain named Morgan, who likes to tease and flirt with him, probably to make him blush in front of her friends. Next, Farley is a short, stocky, outgoing young man with a sandy haired bowl hair cut. He is very friendly to everyone he meets and a bit naïve when it comes to believing what people tell him. And then there is Dub, a sweet young adult who has never learned to talk. Though he is very shy, he communicates through body language and facial expressions. Many believed he was a mute, but that is not true…

One summer day, the three friends were sitting on some wooden cargo crates down by the shipyard in Britain. There were long, blank stares were on the boys’ faces, as they were deep in thought for an idea how to become famous. All month long they have watched as hunter after hunter brings in their trophy to be weighed at the docks on the huge freight scales. A small crowd of townspeople gather around to see what has been brought in today to gawk at. On this day, it is a huge 20 foot alligator, and he weighs close to 1000 pounds!

“I wish we could do that….” Larry says in a low sad tone.

“Yeah… that would be awesome…” his friend Farley replies.

Elbowing Farley in the ribs, Dub nudges him to get his attention as to who is walking up in their direction…. It is Larry’s crush Morgan and two of her girl friends.

“Hi Larry!” Morgan shouts at a distance.

Blushing he quickly straightens his shirt up and combs his fingers through his hair.

Farley walks up to the three young ladies and tries to impress them by acting manly.

“Hey, how are ya?” he says in an obvious fake deep voice, to which he gets no reaction from the girls.

“So Larry, where is your trophy animal? Have you been hunting yet?” Morgan asks him with batting eyes and a soft smile.

“….No, not yet” he says and looks down to the ground.

The girls look around at each other giggling and Morgan leaves him with a challenge.

“Well, if you were to bring something cool to look at that you hunted, I would just be so proud of you!” and she walks up and gives him a friendly hug.

“Bye, boys!”,she and her friends turn and walk back to the others in the crowd.

After he regains his composure from blushing Larry Boy and his buddies make a pact. They will KILL something, anything to impress those girls.

But how?

They are novices that are barely able to kill yard birds and small snakes. After some talking on what to do, the boys hopes and dreams of being big bad hunters comes back to reality. And they are on the verge of giving up, when….

An old man, looks to be a dockworker and has a slight limp, comes over to the three. He overheard what they have been saying, and the way their faces lit up when they talked about being the local hero for the day.

“Well scaddily doo mi wee spanish ladies…” the man says in an incoherent tone of voice.

“What did he say?” asks Larry. “I don’t know, but he has weird hair…” Farley replies.

Larry again, “I’m sorry sir, what?”

“You wanna kill a *unintelligible mumbling* chief?” old man voice trails off.

Looking puzzled at each other, the boys don’t know what to make of this crazy old man.

“What are you saying?” Larry asks again.

“I’m talking about Eodon, Chief!” the old man says clearly, finally…

He shares a tale with the boys of where the hunters are going to find some really cool and new animals. He tells them of tigers and turtles and savages and giant birds and dinosaurs and much more. The boys are amazed at what all he tells them, and he even tells them where he can find some hunting gear and weapons. He leaves them with a map of this land called Eodon and shows them on it how to get there. Well the group of friends are in high spirits now… they are off to find this place rich in hunting, and become legendary hunters!

Following their map and equipped with new items, Larry Boy with bow and arrow, Farley with a long sword and shield, and Dub with a wooden club, the boys are filled with excitement like it was Christmas morning. Walking down a dirt trail the guys are talking about what it is they should kill. They think back to what the old man said lived here: a great tiger? Or maybe a silverback gorilla? Or maybe a ----

They stop talking after they look up and see a great stone building up ahead, it is shaped like a pyramid. “Whoa! What is that!?” Farley asks out loud.

They continue walking to get a closer look and notice something in the tall trees around the pyramid. It appears to be some kind of nest, perhaps a giant bird?

Talking amongst themselves they agree that it would be cool to bring an egg or a baby bird back with them to show off at the docks. Not only will it be a piece of cake to take such a small thing back, they think, it wont require them to actually use their weapons. They could make up a fancy tale about its capture!

“That would make Morgan so happy, to bring back a baby bird!” Larry says with a smile.

“Well, go on up and grab it then” Farley tells him, looking up at the near 50 foot climb.

“I can’t climb trees…” Larry Boy says , to which Farley says, “I can’t either …”

Dub shrugs his shoulders , clearly confident he too cannot climb trees.

A quick game of rock, paper, scissors is played to determine who is going up the tree.

…..Farley loses.

“Shoot!” Farley makes a wincing face as to say why did I agree to do that.

Larry tells him he has his back, in case something goes wrong, and Dub grins, thankful he doesn’t have to do anything.

“You’re a great friend!” Farley exclaims and pats Larry on the arm before heading up.

*Grab Climb Grab Climb*

Climbing up limb after tree limb, miraculously the squatty but determined Farley makes it up to the edge of the bird nest, and is face to face with three unhatched eggs.

“Yeah! I have it! I have the egg!” he exclaims triumphantly and holds it high above his head in his hands. “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” he continues to celebrate.

Larry Boy yells up to him, “Hey! Be careful, you’ll crack it!”

Just then…. Trouble!


A mother giant bird is flying back to her nest and swoops down and digs at Farley’s head!

“Oh my God!” he yells in terror.

“Hold on buddy, I’ll shoot her with my bow!” Larry yells up, trying to give aid to his friend. *Thwak!*

“Ow! Son of a -!!” Farley yells out in pain, “ You shot me in the butt!”

“Sorry!” Larry hollers.

The giant bird swoops back again and pecks Farley on the head again, sending him crashing down through the limbs and branches! The egg in his hand drops down below … right on the head of Larry!


Larry boy wipes the egg off his face.

Farley still descends to the ground in a violent way.






Rushing over to check on him, Larry asks if he is ok.

“I’m just DANDY!” he yells as Dub and Larry help him up and dust him off.

It is decided on quickly that they will not attempt to take another egg….

Walking down a hill from not far from the pyramid, the boys come across some wooden cages. What in the world are these cages for they wonder, and go in to get a closer view. Looking at one, there is a young tiger cub inside asleep. How did it get in there they think… Is it someone’s pet? Some ones dinner? Hmmm…

Off in the distance they can hear a strange noise. It is not an animal, but human noises. Sounds of tribal chanting can be heard over the beating of a loud single drumbeat. It sounds something like “Oooga Chaka Oooga Chaka” coming from this direction.

Peering through some fern vegetation, the boys can see that there is some sort of tribe dancing around a great big fire pit. This must be the savages that the old man spoke of, though he didn’t say if they were friendly or not…

“Are you seeing this Dub?” Farley asks but gets no answer. “Dub?”

“Dub?” Larry asks too.

Apparently Dub found the sleeping tiger cub to be more exciting that looking on at the chanting savage men, as he decided to walk over to the cage and open the door!

Inside is not a little tiger cub, but instead a huge black panther, who appears to have not eaten today!


“Oh my god! Dub!” Farley shouts and he and Larry rush over to help Dub.

The three do their best to fend off an angry beast but they have never dealt with anything this powerful and fast before.







What luck! Farley cuts the beast across the chest, in an act of desperate self preservation.

“Yah! Way to go Farley!” Larry Boy congratulates him. “We got something to show now!”

Dub walks over and expresses his thanks for saving his life, but the celebration is short lived. As another predator joins in the fray. This time it’s ants, literally hundreds of them of all sizes and shapes!

“What the ---?” Larry asks out loud as he and his friends are bitten allover by the nasty little critters.

“Aaargh! It hurts it HURTS!” Farley cries out. Dub has them down his pants and grabs his butt rubbing it while he runs in circles.

All of this commotion seems to draw the attention of the local savage tribe who were chanting. Some of them come over with their spears and the chieftain is heard loudly saying, “Our Sacrifice!” and points to the three boys. He sets his warriors in motion to go get them so they can be “offered” to their demon god.

“Run for it!” Farley exclaims as he and his friends are under assault by the ants as well as the angry mob.

The scene comes to a crossroads as they run out of green land to move on. Caught between a cliff and angry savages, the boys decide to take their chances by leaping off the edge of the world…


Their collective voices yell out in the long fall down into a stream of water.


“Whew… we’re safe now” Larry says, “Are you guys ok?”

Farley answers yes, and Dub waves an arm.

All are shaken, but alive.

“We really dodged that one… let’s go home and find something else to do… Hunting is too dangerous!” a drained Larry Boy says.

“Sounds good to me!” Farley replies.

Dub nods a definite “Yes”.

Moments later…

A long reptilian shaped head like the Loch Ness monster emerges and looks down at the boys swimming in the water…. Oh no!

The End ?


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An Adventure in Eodon

I burst through gate leading to Eodon after my visit with the Time Lord. I was on a mission to prove to everyone that
I was the courageous adventurer they were looking for. I tried to think like a warrior or one of the great mages but
I couldn't stop thinking of all the danger that could be in my path and what may be asked of me when I delivered the time
sensitive information I was carrying. I had to get to Sir Geoffrey as fast as I could.

I looked around the new land and it appeared I was standing in the center of crop circles. But I saw a path that headed
west. I was running as fast as I could when I saw a man with a cart. He told me his name was Willy and he's the chocolatier.
I thought "Awesome! I could use some chocolate for my journey." *wink wink* But instead he began to rattle on about some
vicious birds and how they stole his golden foil. He apparently has no chocolate, so, I bid him farewell and was on my way

I kept running west. I thought to myself that Eodon is such a lovely place and wondered how a place so beautiful could
contain so many potentially deadly things. I pushed that out of mind as I followed the river around and passed through a
village. I knew I had to be getting close to the encampment and before long I spotted Sir Geoffrey. I handed him the material
I had been carrying. He promptly decided to offer me a true quest. I accepted without hesitation. I had to gain the trust
of the tribes. I had to try to unite the people. I was told to head back the way I came and find the the High Chief named
Grohm of the Jukari tribe and he would tell me what I had to do next.

As I was on my journey I saw things that were both amazing and troublesome. First, I saw many tiger cubs in their pens
and men with weapons lurking in the bushes just waiting on something. I saw adult tigers roaming about and it made me wonder if
they were trying to protect the baby tigers. I also saw a giant pyramind covered in birds nests and thought maybe these
are the wicked birds the chocolatier was talking about. I decided not to investigate the nests just yet but keep my mind
on my own task.

Just as I had found the crossroad. I came upon another traveler. He was in battle with a strange creature. A creature
I'd could never imagine in my whole life. The creatures skin was hard like a reptile and his hiss could probably be heard
from a great distance. I was standing in what I thought was a safe spot but the creature reared up and spat some poisonous
fumes. I was coughing, gagging and I thought I was going to choke to death but the affects eventually wore off. Finally, the
traveler slayed the beast in what seemed like a long-lived battle. The traveler told me that the beast followed him from the
furthest of the northern lands and it was relentless in its pursuit of him. He had fought valiantly and gave me nod as he
rode off.

There I was alone again and now a little fearsome of what lie ahead of me. But I had to shake it off and be brave. I
was walkin around the mountain admiring the flora and fauna when I saw the light of torches ahead. That had to be the tribe
of the Jukari. I made my way into the village. The villagers looked just as unsure of me as I was of them. I found Ghrom
and he also looked at me with apprehension. But he spoke to me with a commanding voice and told me what I needed to do to
earn their trust. I accepted the quest and checked my backpack to make sure I had everything I needed. I was on my way to
find the Great Volcano to find five pieces of lava rock to take back to the Chief.

I looked across the land and saw a new path. A path of burnt and barren soil. I walked into the heat and smoke all the
while avoiding the many lizards that called this place their home. Then I saw it. The entrance to the Great Volcano. I took
one step into the cave and realized this would be not be easy.

I didn't know what to expect. I rummaged through my backpack and pulled out my sturdy shovel and my best dagger. I made
my way into the volcanoes core and started digging. I dug and dug and dug somemore and had only found three lava rocks
when all of the sudden I felt a small shudder beneath my feet. I thought, "Krikey! I'd better run!" and then I saw the lava.
The lava flow was fast and it was licking my heals so I couldn't stop. I saw what looked like a cul de sac and I dove in
and covered my head. Much to my suprise the lava just flowed past me. I waited a few seconds and went back to work. More
digging and I found another lava rock but I also found a gruesome monster. I quickly weighed my options on whether to fight
or flee. I had my dagger in hand and I began to slice fiercely at the monster made of fire. The beast grabbed my arm and
burned it. I couldn't believe it. I thrust my weapon one more time into its chest and he crumpled to the ground in a heap.
I was left breathless and burned but continued to dig. My shovel had started to splinter but there it was laying in the
blackness. The final lava rock I needed for the chief. I was making my way back to the entrance when I felt it again. That
little shudder beneath me. I was still running on pure adrenaline and decided to make a run for it. That's when I realized
I was running into an interecting path with the river of molten lava. Running at full speed, I closed my eyes and jumped.
"YAAAHOOO!!" I'd made it!

I ran all the way to the village to talk to the High Priest with glowing orange skin and he was impressed with me. Grohm
told me where I could find the other tribes of Eodon. I had earned the trust of the Jukari and a gift was bestowed upon me.

My next stop, the Urali village. They need me there too. But, that sounded like a new adventure for a new day...
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And this contest has ended! Thank you to all our entrants. Our panel of judges will review the entries and come to a decision in the next few days. Cheers!
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