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Adrift at Sea, Portreeve Orin’s Journal

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Adrift at Sea
Portreeve Orin’s Journal

After the destruction of Kijustsu Anei Keys we salvaged whatever we could loading it onto the remaining vessels of the SKS and EVI fleets. Officers and crewmembers gave assistance to the civilians boarding so we could get underway before another catastrophe struck. With all the towns land defenses destroyed it would only be a matter of time before Royal Guards began investigating the area. Only a few choose to remain behind unaware they would more than likely be arrested and tried as Pirates.

Day One-
Throughout the entire day we were engaged in one battle after another. The SKS Skimmer went under with all hands lost which is a shame since we just installed new cannons on her. The attackers appear to be from some type of Uncommon Sea Serpent. My first officer corrected me in front of the crew saying they were Ancient Sea Serpents, the same kind that Serpents Hold had to deal with last year. I wonder what price their scales would fetch at market.

Day Two
My first officer has mysteriously gone missing. I can only assume the “Ancient” Sea Serpents may have something to do with it. Food and water supplies are holding steady. We have started to create bridges between the ships with rope and plank. Having the ability to interact with different crew members and passengers should be good for moral and my own crew will quit pestering me.

Day Three
The EVI Tonkasav vessel returned to what I have now designated “The Floating Keys”. Their survey of the Northern lands went well but they were unable to locate a clearing large enough to construct the new settlement. I have dispatched the EVI Artfuldodger to Buccaneer’s Den to try and make contact with Baroness Nyx of Cimmerians Pass to assist in the search.

Day Four
In the early morning hours another attack was launched on the Floating Keys by a large group of “Ancient” Sea Serpents. The EVI Flagship VoidMyst took severe damage but it would have been much worse had the EVI Koleasko not rammed the group killing two of the serpents and putting an end to the attack. Before the Koleasko went under we were able to unload the cannons, ammo and cargo. The crew only suffered minor wounds but half of the crew was lost.

Day Five
It is starting to get a bit ripe around here and the fleet is beginning to look more and more like a floating refugee camp. Food rations are still at normal levels but will run out in approximately two weeks. A few crew members have come down with the Chickadee Flu. We have moved them into rowboats so they do not spread the disease to others. We have also attached ropes to the bow or the rowboats and to the stern of the EVI Tonkasav.

Day Six
The ropes that were attached to the rowboats appear to have snapped sometime late last night. Food rations should hold for an extra week.

Day Seven

Day Eight
Rain showers have replenished out water supply. A Keys civilian gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I am sure he will make a fine peasant one day. Perhaps I should have a private quarters constructed.

Day Nine

Day Ten
I have ordered the construction for Private Quarters, hopefully this keeps the crews occupied.

Day Eleven
Construction of the Private Quarters continues

Day Twelve
Great News!! The construction of my private quarters is complete. We have not heard from the EVI ArtfulDodger in days. I had hoped the Bucaneer’s Den port was not still being patrolled by the Royal Navy.

Day Thirteen
After a madman dumped close to the entire food supply overboard I gave the order to set sail for the Trinsic Port in the morning. We should arrive tomorrow in the middle of the night. My hope is that Santiago, Sons of the Sea guildmaster would be willing to lend his assistance to us, without reporting us to the Royal Navy. Perhaps my previous involvement in his tournaments will lower any payment he might be wanting.

Day Fourteen
It was bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky. What a beautiful and perfect day to be out on the water. IF YOU WERE IN A ROW BOAT! Not ONE slight Breeze the ENTIRE DAY!

Day Fifteen
Still no wind and the crews on all the vessels have gone silent….a silent crew is never good!

Day Sixteen
I looked upon my crew and no leader should ever have to see what I saw in their eyes. As I boarded each of the ships the Captains gave me their report and I made my way through the center of the crew and passenger lineup. Not one man, woman or child verbally greeted me. They gave me the standard nod the lowest way to give a respectful greeting without showing disrespect. The silence felt like I was on the Ferryman’s Barge of the Dead until I was a few feet past the person who greeted me, that is when the silence was barely broken by whispers amongst them.

Day Seventeen
Thank the Chaos Gods the EVI Artfuldodger and the EVI Changeling from Cimmerians Pass have arrived!!! We have extended the planks and Baroness Nyx of Cimmerians Pass has requested to meet with me in the morning.