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Tools Add to macro by item id code ?


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Thinking about trying to redo some tools, and maybe make a video or two. Within the EC (and/or CC) can we:
  • Get the Item ID for a specific item, for instance Large Iron Ore, or Small or medium?
  • If we can, can we add it to a macro by an id # vs dragging it physically?
I thought about it watching a macro setup video, and then looking at someone's guide they made with Pinco/EC Feature "Finders Keepers" looting list. Diamond, has an Id code....

If so, then I can make ready made packages, or at least instructions to simplify resource gathering. It should work just like it did before (working on that). It is already simple. I would like to make it easier, for anyone that cares. A generic package, with a list of item codes would probably be better.

Another question I can't figure on my own (I may have missed the Action choice), is some kind of a "Stop ALL" feature. Just so you are not trying to dig, chop or w/e on your repeat cycle if you get spawn or PK you can't handle and you need to flee.