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Actions Window Rework


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This is going to be the next rework on the list, not a big one like it was for the healthbars or the animal lore, but an important one!
The main problem at the moment is that the window is HEAVY (you can notice it when you open it), and that can affect the ovarall performance.

The basic idea is to make the window lighter and then to add a search box (like the one on the settings window), in addition I'd like to clean up the actions too.

So, if you have any additional request and/or idea on new actions or targeting mode that you would like to see now is the time to share it :D

Here it is the list of the suggested actions that I have so far:
  • target nearest poisoned follower
  • target nearest poisoned party member
  • target nearest poisoned mobile
  • unravel container
  • auto-load fukiya
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