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Account problems


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Hi All,

Here is my story so far. Ive had two accounts paid for via subscription for numerous months now.. Unfortunately my payment card was declined this month (get paid 3 days later this month than usual) so the accounts have become inactive. I get that.
So this morning i've logged onto UO.com done the usual process i would do when i would usually re-activate an inactive account. Only to find that a) one of the accounts isn't even on the selection anymore to actually re-activate - and b) the other i cant activate at all there is no option to renew my subscription.
I've had no e-mails from Mythic with regards to my accounts (other than the usual "End of Subscription Noticification" which explains my card was declined) i get that.. thats fine. The accounts have not been mistreated or (that I am aware of at least) been up to no good? I dont understand it..

Has anyone else experienced anything like this at all?




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both of my accounts are closed due to CC being declined this month. someone hacked my orgin account last month. once we got that straightened up I thought everything was good to go. now it wont let me add a CC or my paypal account to pay for my subcriptions. It wont even let me buy game time from orgin so I can secure my accounts until I get this straightened out. Pisses me off you cant just call these guys like you use to be able to.


Site Support
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I finally got a similar issue fixed, It appears that they flagged my Origin Account, it also flagged the account management for SWTOR. This had to be removed separately, and until it was I was unable to add a card for UO, or my Origin Account.