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Account Management Guides.

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How do I sign up with the new Bioware Mythic Account Management System?

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How do I migrate my Ultima Online account information to the new account manangement system?
I've logged into the Account Management Page, now what do I do?

I've logged into the Account Management Page, now what do I do? | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online

What do I do if I want to change/remove my Credit Card infomation?

UO Stratics *New* | Account Management

How do I add multiple UO accounts to my new accounts management?
How do I link my accounts?
How do I link my accounts? | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online

What if I have more than accounts to link?

How do I change my account information for




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The Companies Involved in your Ultima Online Experience

Electronic Arts
Owns the publishing rights to our favored game, Ultima Online! Also called EA.

The Electronic Arts online store where you can purchase all sorts of EA titles. Most importantly for UO players, you can purchase UO game items, Game Time Codes, and enter your subscription payment information. You have the option of utilizing the Origin App or the website interface (http://origin.com)

The current developers of the Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camalot games. It is through them that you manage your Game Account.

Note: Yes, you have two (2) accounts to deal with. One is for payments which go to EA, the other is for your game which is managed by Broadsword.
Word of advice: DO NOT use the same login and password for these accounts. This is to help secure each account and protect your payment information and your in-game characters.
Broadsword is aware this is a rather confusing and convoluted system. They are working to improve it.

The old developers of Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camalot and Warhammer Online. This company was dissolved, but passionate employees banded together and formed Broadsword. :) Some pages within the Game Account Management System are still branded as Mythic. Broadsword is aware of this and working to update the interface.

Origin Systems, Inc.
The original developer of Ultima Online. Owned by Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima game series. This company disbanded in 2004. Referred to by veterans of UO as OSI. You will see OSI mentioned throughout Stratics, as well as in places with the game.

Stratics is a community of passionate gamers dedicated to UO that was formally established in 1997. The Stratics site has been operating continuously ever since with active forums, hundreds of guides, and thousands of entries related to Ultima Online and the unique experiences of players who volunteered their time to help Stratics become the site it is now. You can view more content at the root domain, Stratics.com

As things change, this post will be updated.
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