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Account back, OSI owns my house


Stratics Veteran
Here's my sad housing story :coco:

My CC expiration date change in July. When my account was to renew for 6-month sub, it did not. So on Aug 29, 2014, Account went inactive. I forgot about it due to real life issues. I was reminded recently and so I re-activated on DEC 1. So by doing the math, That's 95 days. If houses go to abandoned at 90 days. and 5 days top fall, then I think this house should still be mine.

The house still stands. It happens to be one of the coolest houses inside the walls of Luna. I placed it myself when Luna opened.

I spoke with some UO reps via email and in-game, no success. SO I am here to talk to the community, my last hope. As someone who held accounts since September of '97, UO obviously played a big part in my life.

I was not back in time to save my main account..6 heritage houses on 2 shards, few hundred mill in cash and items. I can live with all that IF I CAN SAVE MY LAST HOME.

Maybe this belongs in rants forums but I just wanted to keep trying until its really gone. The house is now sitting there is zombie mode "Owned by OSI" "Demolition Pending"

I am really sad and puzzled that UO won't work with me. The rep who said "I know, it must be frustrating" doesn't understand. Its heart breaking, not frustrating.

I feel that I wasn't able to get my story out properly to UO. Conversations were one sided, I was up way too long, confused, unable to speak almost.

I don't know the rules, honestly. I feel this is an easy problem to fix, which makes it even more difficult to understands. Yea, I just don't understand. Thanks for reading.

-Tikitak AKA Rolo Tumasi-Catskills