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*Accepting Applications for new Pirate Recruits*

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
"Hear ye, hear ye". we be accepting new recruits for our pirate crew.
No the truth of it be, you'll face hostilities from all quarters, and the hardships of sea duties: swabbing decks; hoisting and lowering sails, (yas does this act alot), and canon training. But, the bonus is great: ample rum rations, aye; wenches; ample rum rations; tons of loot from cargo ships and erring pirate brethern; and did I mention ample rum rations? ahrg! har, har. Pay is plenty good and we help each other in the CREW to be well equiped for a scurmishes we might encounter and best of all...we are active in doing dungons and sea fairing adventures.
So, who wants to sign up? Post reply here or see yas at the Jolly Roger Inn, Red Skull Bay.
Yers truly, Blind Tom Pirate, [UP] for our beloved United Pirate Captain Trinsic, scurge of the seven seas and all the islands.