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A year has passed...Ethos, Hammers Bane, Scott

  • Thread starter lifeuntome
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Its been over a year since we lost you and Napa misses you so very much. You have so many friends still here on earth that can not wait to see you again. You brought a great deal of love, knowledge and compassion to this game and for that I am greatful.
You were my first friend when I started this game and I will never forget the endless hours spent until server down playing with you. Ohh the death I caused you. But you were always there for me and we did everything for each other.
Its been hard around Ultima since you left. I havent had anyone to come read stratics for me and let me know whats really going on. :p
Take care of yourself where ever you are now..
I love you very much!

imported_Evil Intentions

My husband and I miss him very much and we were absolutely devastated when we lost him. Thank you for your post honoring him.

Ethos, HB, Estral, Torquenada, Insidious Crush was such a good friend and guildmate to us. I've never met anyone quite like him - he was funny, creative, helpful, a leader, and tough when he needed to be. He made the game fun for me and was there to listen when I needed advice.

We spoke to him daily about many things - not just this game - and I felt such a loss when he was no longer with us. Scott was a wonderful man who had many friends - more than he knew. Because I enjoyed him so much and for my own selfish reasons, I wish he would have stayed in this world longer...


Stratics Veteran
One of my characters named Edgar Figaro was even husband to her character Brightstar for a time. Was fairly young when I began playing, and it was great to have someone to play with. As time went on, ended up playing with others and joining more guilds, but always remained close firends.????