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A way to relive the memories

  • Thread starter Jughead177
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When you installed TSO long, long ago, you installed all the music tracks that you'd hear when someone turned on the radio. You also installed music for loading screens and other things. Well, you can add those to your music library and listen to them in iTunes or whatever program you use! I have them mixed in with the rest of my crap, so sometimes one of the tracks will play, and it makes me smile :) It ought to make you smile too!


I've already done that with my TSO music. I have it in my Sims 1 game and my Sims 2 game.

I've also gone as far as changing the "load screens" of my Sims game to show TSO.


Oy I remember the good times lets just let em roll...

Going to the skilling place to get good at playing the piano but for some reason people always kicked me out. Eventually it got to the point where I really couldn't skill, because I was banned from most properties. It was in JP, I remember, because I had a luffly group of emenies there.

So I was eternally forced to listen to chopsticks at me and my roomies old house.

How could we forget about that chopsticks music, it eventually got pounded into my head!!!! LOL!!!!! I stil lcan't get it out of my head, its that bad....and then in the background the sounds of Sims backs cracking...awkward!

I love the sounds :D