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A Vesper situation ...


While docking in Vesper to drop off the day’s catch, I noticed a small, boat sailing into port. The boat can best be described as shabby, held together with glue and ropes. The boat was tilting to one side as it pulled up to the dock. A group of people of all ages, jumped out onto the dock and ran in all different directions. There did not appear to be a boat captain or leader of any kind with them.

I managed to catch up to a man and his child to question them as to where they were from and what they wanted in Vesper. The man looked around carefully and then looked at me. He seemed hesitant as to whether to trust me. Slowly he replied that he said he and his young son were from an Island of wealth. They had had a good life, and he was a skilled jeweler. Then, trouble came to that land. Their leader and his family were murdered at the hands of as upstart. Unrest grew and many of the man’s friends and family were murdered. His wife had been captured and tortured. Dead wisps were found around her body. The man stated it was unsafe for him to remain there and he and many of his neighbors fled with him, taking only what they could carry. They all feared for their lives.

The man stated he heard the citizens of Vesper were kind people. That they were known for their hospitality and loyalty to King Blackthorn. He hoped in time he and his son would be able to blend into the area and establish themselves as citizens of Vesper.

He looked tired and hungry; his clothes were torn and baggy. I suggested he take lodging at the Inn, gave him a few coins for room and food, and told him I would speak to the Governor of his plight to see what could be done to help him and the others he traveled with.